Pixar Animation Studios 30th Anniversary Special Exhibition

“Art challenges technology, technology inspires art” – John Lasseter. Looking at the picture above, do you feel nostalgic about some of your childhood memories? Many of us probably grew up watching animation movies. You’ve probably watched at least one or a few of the movies above because of its amazing storyline, characters, and animation. In […]

Alessandro Mendini Exhibition

Today, I am going to talk about Alessandro Mendini Exhibition. Well I already explained the brief introduction about four exhibitions that you can enjoy these days, and I watched one of them. So, Who is Alessandro Mendini? He is really famous designer-especially the pioneer of the post modernism design. And I think you have heard […]

Multiple Shopping Complexes in Seoul

If you are sick, tired, and bored of the Wangshimni area, I recommend to you some fancy multiple shopping complexes in Seoul. I picked 3 places based on size, convenience, and distance from Wangshimni where many foreign students live. 1. Yeongdeungpo Timesquare Yeongdeungpo Market station, Yeouido, Yeouinaru station subway line 5 (purple line) / http://www.timessquare.co.kr, http://www.ifcmallseoul.com […]