At Last! Jamsil Lotte World Tower (Part 2)

When you go to Jamsil (잠실), you can find out some differences compared to before. Not only the construction of Lotte World Tower (롯데월드타워), but also you can find out sweet swans. When you go to Seokchon Lake (석촌호수), you can see huge two swans. Swans stare at each other and their beaks are touched. This makes us remind of shape of heart. Also, near these two big swans, there are several baby swans who stare at their mom.

These swans are in harmony with cherry blossoms, nature. By these, artist wanted to express love between family, etc. The artist who made sweet swans is Florentijn Hofman.

He is a world famous public artist. He became famous by Rubber Duck. In 2007, he showed Rubber Duck in whole world and this made people get interested of him. Rubber Duck was also displayed at Seokchon Lake in 2014. As you can see, most works of Forentijn Hofman are very huge. These big size catch people’s attention. It makes people feel surprised and also become happy.

Sweet Swans first displayed at April 1st. It displays until May 8th. Almost 4 million people came to Seokchon lake and watched Sweet Swans. Many people showed interest at Sweet Swans. Sweet Swans is not permanent display. Also, Seokchon Lake is very good to take a walk. Therefore, it is better for you to visit Seokchon Lake and watch swan families by walking around the lake.

As you can see, there are very many landmarks near Jamsil. Therefore, there are also very many nice places to have a meal. Firstly, you can enjoy delicious foods in Lotte World Mall. There are various restaurants in Lotte World Mall. There is a restaurant ‘Spain Club’.

It is specialty store of Spanish food. Menus can be divided into four sections: Tapas, plato, paella, and bebidas. Various seafood and Spain food reserves will be served on a plate. It locates on the 6th floor in Lotte World Mall and you can’t reserve on weekend.

Also, you can experience delicious Vietnamese food in Lotte World Mall as well. ‘Little Saigon’ is one of the famous Vietnamese food restaurant. It also locates on the 6th floor of Lotte World Mall. It is sorry to miss out rice noodles when we talk about Vietnamese food. ‘Little Saigon’ is famous for rice noodles. Its soup is made of 20 kinds of ingredients like meat, medical herbs, Vietnam pepper, etc. You can also enjoy Vietnamese spring rolls. They give you various vegetables and you can put them into spring rolls. It is very delicious however it is little bit expensive.

Actually, near Lotte World Tower, there are Bangidong food alley (방이동 먹자골목). You can find many restaurants at food alley. Also, Sincheon station is also near Jamsil Station (잠실역) and there are many restaurants at there. Especially, there are many drinking houses near Sincheon Station (신천역). It is near Jamsil Baseball Stadium, therefore many baseball fans come to Sincheon after baseball match ends. It will be good information if you go to watch baseball in Jamsil. Among these restaurants, I would rather recommend one. At Bangidong food alley, there is ‘Sohojeong (소호정)’. Guksi (국시) and Gukbab (국밥) are main menu of this restaurant. Guksi is traditional noodle in Andong (안동). It is similar with ‘Kalguksu (칼국수)’ This restaurant was broadcast at ‘Wednesday food talk (수요미식회)’. Also, Kim Young Sam (김영삼), 14th president of South Korea enjoyed eating Andong Guksi (안동국시). Many people favor delicate and clean flavor of Guksi and you will also like it. It is behind of Buger King of Songpagu Office, which is opposite from Seokchon Lake. (사진6)


Article by Yongshin from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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