All about New Year Celebration in Korea: Seollal

Woah! 2016 is almost gone and over. It is time to wrap up the bygone year, and wait for the coming year. My last article was about K-pop Christmas music. After the Christmas season ends, we start to feel that it is really the end of the year. Do you have plans for the upcoming […]

SAMSUNG Building at Gangnam Station

As I mentioned before, I ran out of topics to tell you. So being in desperation I was about to tell you about the Gangnam underground market (강남지하상가). Well, it is big, it is cheap, and there are a few nice things that you can buy there; however, there is not much to tell besides […]

National Palace Museum of Korea

For my last article of this semester, I am going to write about my little tour to a Korean museum. I went to the National Palace Museum of Korea ( 국립고궁박물관 ), in front of the Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁). Online, we can read that : “ The National Palace Museum of Korea opened in 1992 […]

Fall in Love with Pyeongchang at First Sight

Have you heard about Pyeongchang (평창)? Pyeongchang would be the host of 2018 Winter Olympics games. It is located in Gangwon-do (강원도) with beautiful as well as natural sceneries. Last Sunday, I went to Pyeongchang for one day trip arranged by travel agency. This trip was so wonderful that I can’t wait to tell you […]

Top of Seoul: Lotte World Tower

Welcome to Lotte World Tower (롯데월드타워)! For anyone who has been to Jamsil (잠실) area, Lotte Tower must be an eye-catching sight. At night, especially, this building soaring into the sky pleases people’s eyes with beautiful illumination. However, this building had to overcome many crises to get here. From the very beginning of its construction, […]

The Michelin Guide Seoul 2017

Do you know what Michelin is? Michelin guide lets us know which restaurants are tasty, without getting sponsored from any restaurants in advance. According to the video from Youtube (, the inspectors from Michelin always take a table before 7:30. The first of a pair arrives early and has a drink at the bar. His […]

Christmas with K-Pop

Have you guys seen the trees and lights in front of the university’s subway station? Already, it is the season for Christmas! Winter does not feel that cold maybe because of the word “Christmas” warming the atmosphere. How do you celebrate Christmas? Were you looking for some great Christmas carol for background music? Today, I […]

Korean Guitar Songs

Some of you guys may wonder why are we writing this articles every week. Sometimes this articles overlap, sometimes the topic may be odd if not bizarre. There is a very simple reason behind this and this reason is that we have to write an article as a being a part of one program. At […]