National Palace Museum of Korea

For my last article of this semester, I am going to write about my little tour to a Korean museum. I went to the National Palace Museum of Korea ( 국립고궁박물관 ), in front of the Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁). Online, we can read that : “ The National Palace Museum of Korea opened in 1992 […]

Somethings You Didn’t See in Pictures: Introduction to Korean Art (Part 2)

You must have heard of a lot of stories about Mona Lisa. Her missing eyebrows, mysterious smile and the unsymmetrical horizon of the background…. Those additional stories of the picture make Mona Lisa more interesting. Here, I will disclose some interesting episodes hidden under seemingly quiet Korean artworks for you. Along with a long history […]

Stories of Genius Painters in the History of Korea: Introduction to Korean Art (Part 1)

If somebody asks you of who your favorite artist is, what would be your answer? Maybe Warhol, Lembrandt, Da Vinci or Monet… There must be many names that have come up in your mind. However, I bet nobody has thought of Korean artists. It is such a pity that Korean art remains to be an […]