Top of Seoul: Lotte World Tower

Welcome to Lotte World Tower (롯데월드타워)! For anyone who has been to Jamsil (잠실) area, Lotte Tower must be an eye-catching sight. At night, especially, this building soaring into the sky pleases people’s eyes with beautiful illumination. However, this building had to overcome many crises to get here. From the very beginning of its construction, the Lotte Tower has been a hot issue around Koreans. Along with the problems about the ever-expanding power of Lotte Chaebol, the Korean conglomerates, many safety issues of the Lotte tower were good enough to worry many Koreans. Especially, many has fretted about the safety standards of the building after the accidents that caused three-fatalities of construction workers. However, in spite of many suspicious eyes, Lotte Tower is now on the final stage of its construction. The completion is scheduled for the end of this year and the opening of the tower is on March, 2017.



The Observatory deck at the Top of Asia

Lotte Tower, the first sky scraper of Seoul, is expected to be an international landmark of Korea. It is 555m high and has 123 floors, which makes Lotte Tower the sixth tallest structure in the world. Up on the observatory at the top of the building, the visitors would be able to see the whole view of Seoul. The observatories are located at the 120th, 121st, 122nd and 123rd floor of the building. For those who want to enjoy the view with the wind, the observatory on the 122nd floor is recommendable as it is open-air. At the highest observatory on the 123rd floor of Lotte Tower, there is also the Sky Café where the visitors can see the view of Seoul with the coffee flavor. In fact, the highest observatory of the Lotte Tower is actually the highest observatory in the world, so when you say “I am on the top of the world” there, your words cannot be false. More amazing fact is that it takes only 60 seconds to get to the world-high observatory from the first floor through the elevator.

What Is Inside the Tower?

Besides from the observatories, many services will also be part of the Lotte building. Lotte Hotel will enter from the 76th to 101st floor, and the 42nd to 71st floor will be open for residence. From the 108th to 114th floor will be occupied by the private offices, and from the 6th to 12th floor, health care centers, finance centers, travel service centers and various restaurants are to be built. The first to fifth floors are currently open for luxury seekers. AVENUEL, the largest boutique fashion mall in Seoul, is welcoming anybody who loves luxury shopping. Chanel, Burberry, MCM… any brands you can name would be there to satisfy you.



Way to Get There

Lotte World Tower is very close to Jamsil station, so it is very easy to find. It takes about 20 minutes from Hanyang University to the tower. Subway would be the best choice: only thing you have to do is to take a subway line number 2 (Green Line) to Jamsil Station. Take the gate 3 exit. Then you will see the tall building that you must gaze up at.


Lotte’s World: Around Jamsil area

If you have been to Jamsil, you must have noticed that there are “Lotte” all over the area. Jamsil is in fact known as “Lotte area” among many Koreans who live in Seoul. Lotte World Adventure, Lotte Hotel, Lotte Department Stores, Charlotte Theater, Lotte Concert Hall and Lotte Cinema are all located in Jamsil. (Lotte Duty Free stores were also located in Jamsil until June this year but due to the termination of the duty free business agreement with the government, Lotte duty free has closed its business for now.) Now, Lotte World Tower is upcoming for its opening! Thus if you love Lotte corporation for some reason, Jamsil would be a must place for a visit.

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Article by Ahran from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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