SAMSUNG Building at Gangnam Station

As I mentioned before, I ran out of topics to tell you. So being in desperation I was about to tell you about the Gangnam underground market (강남지하상가). Well, it is big, it is cheap, and there are a few nice things that you can buy there; however, there is not much to tell besides that. So I was seeking to describe some other places on Gangnam.

It was then when I was advised to consider Samsung building (삼성빌딩). Although, when I got there, I realized that this building worth a separate article. And so here is my experience visiting the headquarters of one of the biggest companies in Korea.

So as you could have guessed it is located on Gangnam Station (강남역), exit 8 to be more precise.


Source: Google Maps


You can get into this building even without getting to the surface, just keep going straight and you will find yourself on the B1 floor (the first basement floor). I’ll get back to this floor in a moment but if you were on the surface that is how the building looks from outside:



So the thing is that there is a kind of exhibition inside so to say. There are three floor that you can visit. The first floor is located on B1 level and there is just a store with all Samsung’s products.
3 4



The second store is where things start to get interesting. Firstly, different cutting-edge devices and technologies are displayed there, starting with the fridges and tablets and up to VR.

5 6 7 8

They even offer you to ride on a rollercoaster in VR and moving seat!

However, the most interesting thing on this floor (I was debating between VR and this thing, although this thing won) is Samsung Experience. Basically the staff there (they all speak perfect English and do not look like Koreans) will give you a wristband with a chip. Then, you will scan it and take a photo which will be shown on a big screen (as a slide show among many other) from now on (mine is in the top right corner).



Then, you would be offered to go in a special area where there are 4 zones. In the first area you could use the given phone to create visual effects in an unusual way (you would have to scan other phones and then apply the effect to your photo by shaking the given phone).
10 11


In the second zone there is a technology of motion capture. You will be given a task and while you are doing it, the camera will take a picture of you at a low shutter speed.


In the third zone you will “create your world.”



And finally, in the fourth zone the machine analyzed your choices to have an insight about your personality. However, (shame on me!) I forgot to take pictures of the last zone.

I was told that you should have been able to send or download those pictures but the service wasn’t working for some reason when I was there. Anyway, I enjoyed it and it was fun. Plus I got a chance to be creative, so I had a pleasant experience.

However(!), there was one more floor to visit. On the third floor Samsung was trying to share with you its vision of “tomorrow”.




First thing that you will see there is the stands with the screens. By scanning your wristband, you could see the short videos about the future (not without some bragging and advertising though) the way Samsung sees it. Just to clarify this, for the most part videos are shown on the screens that are on the wall.

15 16



The coolest part though was the envisioning the future flat.



The concept here is that there is a model of the flat and many stands with tablets through which you could “foresee” the future. Basically, you would see the same flat here; however, you will be shown various cool features and technologies that will be available to people. This is all shown on an example of a future family of 3 (mom, dad, and a daughter about 5 years old). The actors are real; however, the rest is computer graphics. It is really cool that by moving tablet around, you could see the whole flat. In other words, there is a 360 degrees video of the life in the future that you can see through the tablet.

18 19



And that is the future classroom from the Samsung’s perspective (I couldn’t help myself :P).




Some other future tech was shown there and, as you might have guessed, Samsung’s gadgets were an integral part of this future.

Anyway, it was quite fun and very entertaining. I don’t know if this exhibition worth going to Gangnam, so I won’t say that you absolutely should visit it; however, I would recommend you to pay a visit if you will be around. Hope that you found this article interesting and enjoy your time in Korea!


Article by Pavel from Russia

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