Fall in Love with Pyeongchang at First Sight

Have you heard about Pyeongchang (평창)? Pyeongchang would be the host of 2018 Winter Olympics games. It is located in Gangwon-do (강원도) with beautiful as well as natural sceneries. Last Sunday, I went to Pyeongchang for one day trip arranged by travel agency. This trip was so wonderful that I can’t wait to tell you more about it. Let’s go!

Short introduction of Pyeongchang

Pyeongchang is a county in Gangwon province. It is the home to several Buddhist temples, including Woljeongsa (월정사). It successfully became the host of 2018 Winter Olympics in 2011 after two failures. Odaesan National Park (오대산 국립공원), Alpensia Resort (알펜시아 리조트), Sangwonsa (상원사) are some famous tourists attractions in Pyeongchang.


Zip-line & Sky jump


The zip-line


It was a special trip to Donggang River Village (동강마을) in Pyeongchang. This lovely little village is located by beautiful Donggang River. As I have mentioned, it was arranged by travel agency with local government support. Therefore, the price was quite low 17,000 KRW for each person. The fee was including round trip bus, adventure caving fee and Korean style buffet lunch. If you want to participate in Zip-line and sky jump, you just need to pay 15,000KRW more. You can find more information on Facebook. The name of official account is Adventure Korea. There are many interesting and unusual trips for foreigners.


This is the photo containing whole schedule of this trip (Source: https://www.facebook.com/events/1790484904523707/ )


Donggang River Village is quite small, but you can enjoy your holiday far away from noise and crowd. Our first game was zip-line. It was not horrible because the speed was not that fast. You can enjoy the surrounding scenery when you are slipping. However, it was a pity that the leaves have already dropped down. If you come here in autumn, I am sure that you will have unimaginable feeling.


It was a pity. Leaves have already fallen down

The second spot was sky jump. In fact, I am not brave person, so I never tried bungee jump. But this sky jump was just 11 meters tall. My friend encouraged me a lot. When I stood at that point, I hesitated 3 times and then I jumped. It was special experience and I liked it a lot.


CavingBaekryong Cave; 백룡동굴


We can’t take pictures in the cave. This is only one I took



Caving could be the highlight of this trip. The cave was discovered by several years ago and was protected very well. It is a natural limestone cave with a total length of 1.8km. There is a cave entrance at about 10 ~ 15 meters above the water surface. Around the entrance to the cave is a limestone cave, which is accessible only by boat, in the past, consisting of rocky cliffs with excellent views. It was named as “Baek Ryong Cave” after the “Baek” of Baekun Mountain (백은산) and the “Dragon” of the founder Jeong Muryongr (정무룡), who is embodying this cave, and was designated as Natural Monument No. 260 in 1979.


You can find more information in this website. Although it is all in Korean, you can use google translator.  (Source: http://korean.visitkorea.or.kr/kor/bz15/where/where_main_search.jsp?cid=1333464)


We first needed to wear gears before we came. Then we had to go there by boat. This cave was protected very well. You only can come after reservation. Although it was tiring, taking more than 1.5 hours, I have learned a lot. Sometimes we had to crawl. You need to watch out. The guide introduced some wonderful stalactites to us. Also he pointed out some pollution and damage made by bad guys. I felt sorry to that. Everyone should love and cherish what nature gives us. I fell in love with Pyeongchang at the first sight. I hope I can come back when the 2018 Winter Olympics starts.


Here are some pictures I would like to share with you

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These are group photos from the start to the end. The guide took pictures for us. (Source: http://m.blog.daum.net/happycave/7617)


Nearly touched it! (Source: http://m.blog.daum.net/happycave/7617)


Time flies like an arrow! Now, it is the end of this semester which means I will go back to my country soon. Can you imagine how I feel? I like Korea and I feel lucky that I can be a member in glitters. This semester I have shared many special experiences to you guys. I hope it would be helpful. This is my last article in glitters. I hope you will like it. Also, don’t forget to continue following glitters.


Article by Jessica from China

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