Hanyang University Dule-gil

How we wish we could have a place to rest and walk? Last summer, to realize it “HanYang Dulle-gil (한양둘레길)” is made by school. It is not to make new way, it just build the direction boards and benches to rest on the existing way. So students who walk there can read the history of Hanyang University (한양대학교) and see sculptures about the Dulle-gil. It starts from lion statue which is located in front of the Hanyang History Museum (한양대학교 역사관), and it continues on in front of College of Humanities, College of Social Sciences, Paiknam Library (백남학술정보관), Hanyang Institute of Technology (HIT; 한양대학교 기술지주회사), Business School (경영대학), and so on.

Course 1: Loud Voice of a Powerful Lion (기운찬 사자의 큰 울음 소리; 웅사포효(雄獅咆哮))

The lion statue is located in front of the main building of Hanyang University. There is a starting point of Dulle-gil and student’s dream.


Course 2:  Humanistic Spirit Under the Memorial Stone (목월 시비 아래서 새기는 인문정신; 시단문심(詩壇文心))

Park Mog-wol memorial stone (박목월 시비) is one of the humanistic spirit in Hanyang University. Students can dream literature and be absorbed in meditation. Who am I? Where is it? What is the worth life? They ask questions for themselves and grow up to think about their life.

1,2(출처-한양대 홈페이지)

Course 3: An evening glow of South Mountain and the landscape of Wangsimni (남산의 저녁 노을과 왕십리의 풍경; 남산석조(南山夕照))

There is one best place that you can meet your friends. When you stand there, you can get a wonderful view of Wangsimni (왕십리) at a glance. And watching the beautiful glow of the setting sun across a south mountain is no need for words. Few years ago, the landscape on the rooftop of the College of Humanities (인문대학) is fantastic but nowadays, because of the security problems students can’t enter there anymore. Also, a College of Medicine is located on the right side and there is the Student Union on the left side.


Course 4: A clear view of Han-river and beautiful night view (한강의 탁 트인 조망과 아름다운 야경; 강변야화(江邊夜火))

There are small size road between College of Humanities and College of Social Science (사회과학대학). And the College of Education (교육대학)is standing background. In here, you can watch a clear view. Many students meet various people and they add the power with them and do the best thing that they can do.

3,4(출처-한양대 홈페이지)

Course 5:  The Youth Meditating Along a Horse Ranch in the Joseon Dynasty (예전 말 목장 터를 활보하는 청춘의 사색; 마장구적(馬場舊迹))

Paiknam Library is the hub of the school. It is very valuable in history because there was horse ranch in the Joseon Dynasty. Due to the energy of fine horses, students can study more hard and read many books in there. Also it is surrounded by many building such as the Hanyang Institute of Technology, College of Human Ecology, Paiknam Music Hall (백남음악관), the First Engineering Building (제1공학관), College of Social Sciences, and College of Education building.


Course 6: A Conversation While Climbing Haeng-dang Hill (행당동산을 산보하며 나누는 대화; 행원만보(杏園漫步))

Haengwon Park (행원파크) is located between the Business School and College of Policy Sciences (융합교육관). Under the park there are Hanyang Elementary School (한양초등학교)and Hanyang Women’s University (한양여자대학교). In the square many students have conversations with their friends. They get power to grow leader in the future during the walking and activing at the park.

5,6(출처-한양대 홈페이지)

Course 7: The Young Lion’s Spirit Running Across the Schoolyard (대운동장을 내달리는 젊은 사자의 기상; 건각치원(建脚致遠))

Pass the Third Law Building (제3법학관), you can see the way that winding the schoolyard (대운동장). When you stand there and see the whole schoolyard, your heart will be beaten. You can get an energy just looking. Also, many students do exercises and build up good memories with their friend in there.


Course 8: The Sizzling Heat and Passion at the Outdoor Theater (노천극장의 뜨거운 함성과 열기; 원장함성(圓場喊聲))

If you were Hanyang University student, you would have the memory at the outdoor theater (노천극장). How can we forget the passion time with sizzling heat at the festival? Sometimes it heats up for the shouting and sometimes it becomes romance and composure place for students. Also, you can see the Hanyang Museum (한양대학교 박물관), the Chung Mong-Koo Automotive Research Center (정몽구 미래자동차연구센터), Fusion Technology Center (퓨전테크센터) there.

7,8(출처-한양대 홈페이지)

Hangyang Dulle-gil’s first vision is ‘healing’. It provides and guarantees the place to rest for students who are tired because of studying and working. It makes students more happy and mellow out. Also, people who visit Hanyang University first time, they can walk Dulle-gil and know about our school easily.

Through the starting of the Dulle-gil is just a trail, after few years it can be developed typical cultural space in the university. I believe the process to fill out the story of their life, Dulle-gil can be a cultural place and so students may be proud and fall in love with their school.


Pictures: Hanyang University, Internet Hanyang


Article by Yeongwoo, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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