Craving for “Instant Cup Ramyeon” (Part 2)

It’s the second series of “Instant Cup Ramyeon”. Eating those kinds of stuff is like a bucket list when you come to Korea. So, I am going to proceed with this topic in this article. I would like to help you out when you are selecting one cup of ramyeon among so many to choose […]

Craving for “Instant Cup Ramyeon” (Part 1)

Have you ever seen a large selection of instant cup ramyeon at a convenience store or any market? I’m sure that you must have caught sight of so many students eating those food for their lunch in a short time. In here, ramyeon has been one of the most favorite foods for Koreans. Ramyeon in Korea is available in only two forms: in a packet, […]

HUBS Field Trip to Ottogi!

Last week, a group of international students at Hanyang University visited the production site of Ottogi (Ottogi Food Manufacturing Company). Such field trips are designated to provide international students some insights about Korean business culture. We left from Hanyang University at 10am and it took around two hours to get there. After the arrival, we […]