Korean Handicrafts

If you walk through Insadong, one of Seoul’s historic areas, you’ll notice all of the beautiful handicrafts for display and for sale. This is of no surprise of course. Seoul has a long history of wonderful craftsmanship that many people, both Korean and foreign celebrate. Not only will you see traditional arts and crafts, but […]

Celebrating Korea’s Favorite Side Dish

Insadong (인사동) is known as the home for many traditional Korean arts. Streets are lined with vendors selling handmade products from processes the date back to the beginning of Korean crafts. It’s no wonder that traditional Korean food also found everywhere in Insadong. After all, what good is art if there is no good food […]

A Day Out in Insadong

If you want to know what Korea is all about but you feel like your budget is not letting you travel all around the country, you must visit Insa-dong (인사동). The famous neighbourhood is a part of the Jongno-gu district of Seoul. Insa-dong is considered to be one Seoul’s most ancient places and will bring you […]