Kimchi, More than a Traditional Food

Kimchi (김치) is a symbol of Korea and very famous around the world. In Korea, kimchi is one kind of a side dish. You can see kimchi in every Korean restaurant, even western food restaurants. Actually, I didn’t like kimchi very much before I came to Korea. However, I get used to it now and […]

Special Korean Traditional Food in Wangsimni

This week’s article is about some of the dishes which Koreans often eat for their entire life. We tend to consider these food as our traditional food, so if you want to know more Korean culture, this article could make your experience much more fabulous. Of course, I often hang out with my friends to […]

Celebrating Korea’s Favorite Side Dish

Insadong (인사동) is known as the home for many traditional Korean arts. Streets are lined with vendors selling handmade products from processes the date back to the beginning of Korean crafts. It’s no wonder that traditional Korean food also found everywhere in Insadong. After all, what good is art if there is no good food […]

The Colours of Kimchi

Photos by Mirela from Bulgaria

A Glimpse on Korean Food

If I were to tell one of the reasons why I decided to come to Korea, that would be… FOOD! Korea is famous for its authentic and delicious dishes and snacks for an affordable price. Although I have been in Korea only for a month, I have tried lots of Korean dishes. And I have […]