Craving for “Instant Cup Ramyeon” (Part 2)

It’s the second series of “Instant Cup Ramyeon”. Eating those kinds of stuff is like a bucket list when you come to Korea. So, I am going to proceed with this topic in this article. I would like to help you out when you are selecting one cup of ramyeon among so many to choose from: Jin Jjambbong (진짬뽕), Neoguri (너구리), and Jjapaghetti (짜파게티).


1. Jin Jjambbong – Ottogi (진짬뽕 – 오뚜기)



It is the picture of advertisement of “Jin Jjambbong”. This product has the same company as the one that I mentioned on Part 1, Sesame Flavor Noodle. Ottogi, one of the Korea’s leading food producers, has hit the jackpot with its latest seafood-flavored spicy instant noodles since its launch on Oct. 15. You might have never heard of Jjambbong. In fact, Jjambbong is a popular seafood-based noodle dish at local Chinese restaurants, which is loved most by Koreans.


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The Ottogi spokesperson showed us the recipe of this success by commenting “This instant noodles have a liquid soup, rather than the powdered one in most conventional ramyeon products”. That’s the big point that makes differentiation with typical style of ramyeon. Through such a liquid soup mixed with spicy oil, it helps make Jin Jjambbong Ramen taste close to the real jjambbong. Also they added eight dried ingredients such as squid and mussel that enrich its authentic flavor. That’s why you can feel like you are in a China’s restaurant, when having a cup of ramyeon instead.


<How to eat>

– Step 01 : Boil 550 mL of water, which is about two and a one thirds of cups.

– Step 02 : Add vegetable mix and liquid soup into the container.

– Step 03 : Pour the boiled water into the container and then close the cover of it for at least 3 min.

– Step 04 : Finally tear out the other pack of oily sauce, which is written as “유성스프” and pour it in.


2. Neoguri – Nongshim (너구리 – 농심)


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Nongshim’s Neoguri made its debut in 1982 and gained popularity for its thick Udon-style noodles and distinct spicy seafood flavor. Up until the release of Neoguri at that time, Korean ramyeon noodles had always been thin. So they rolled it out by focusing on its thick noodles, going against to the ordinary and general Korean trend. And it was known for its combination of warm spiciness and rich seafood taste. In fact, Both Jin Jjambbong and Neoguri have the flavor of seafood, but the latter one is more close to the “Ramyeon”, not the Jjambong.


 Source :

Furthermore, in light of my experience, it really does have very big pieces of kelp. You can easily recognize when you are eating. It makes the spicy soup much deeper and indirectly gives you the feeling of “This food especially concerns consumer’s health, not adding too much artificial flavor enhancer (MSG) or excessive seasoning.”


<How to eat>

– Step 01 : Pour the boiled water until the line marked inside of the container.

– Step 02 : Wait for 4min and Enjoy!


3. Olive Jjapaghetti – Nongshim (짜파게티 – 농심)


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Just like Neoguri, this one is made from Nongshim company. Actually, this food has already been eaten by so many foreigners who don’t like spicy food. Jjapagehtti is a black bean powder noodle, which is consumed dry (not accompanied with a soup). When you mix that powder and noodles, the result would be black due to the black bean, opposite to the representative red color of ramyeon soup . So it is classified into the “fusion ramyeon”.


Source :


Ah! If you had been a regular follower of “Dad, where are you going?” TV program, the name of “Jjapaguri” would have gotten you curious. (Refer to the picture above) Jjapaguri is simply a combination of Korean instant noodles Jjapaghetti and Neoguri. Because we already went over this two, you can easily imagine what this food is about. It is really similar to the pure Jjapaghetti, but if you want to eat thick noodles, you can mix these two depending on what you feel like to do.


<How to make>

– Step 01 : Place the flakes and noodles into the container before pouring in the water.

– Step 02 : Wait for 4 min and discard almost all the water.

(To make it mixed better, it can be a tip to have only a very little of water left.)

– Step 03 : Combine and mix noodle and a pack of black bean powder until you are satisfied.


We have finally covered six instant cup ramyeon in total. When you are novice at choosing these food, you can refer this page or ask any Korean people to give a hand. They will surely give you as much as suggestions they have. Enjoy your restful day having a cup ramyeon :)


Article by SooJung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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