Kimchi, More than a Traditional Food

Kimchi (김치) is a symbol of Korea and very famous around the world. In Korea, kimchi is one kind of a side dish. You can see kimchi in every Korean restaurant, even western food restaurants. Actually, I didn’t like kimchi very much before I came to Korea. However, I get used to it now and […]

HUBS Field Trip to Ottogi!

Last week, a group of international students at Hanyang University visited the production site of Ottogi (Ottogi Food Manufacturing Company). Such field trips are designated to provide international students some insights about Korean business culture. We left from Hanyang University at 10am and it took around two hours to get there. After the arrival, we […]

Top-10 Reasons Why to Visit Korea

1) Yummy food One can easily fall in love with Korean food. Bibimbap (mixed rice with vegetables and meat), Gimbap (Korean version of sushi), and Korean BBQ are all so tasty that they are totally worth gaining weight while you travel Korea. Besides hearty meals, Korea also offers varieties of snacks which taste sweet. On […]

Another Glimpse at Korean Food

One thing I can say for sure when you are in Korea is that you will never get bored with Korean food as they have vast kinds of food. And yes, I enjoyed eating every piece of it. Out of all these Korean dishes, one traditional dish that every visitor enjoys eating is Bibimbap (rice […]

A Glimpse on Korean Food

If I were to tell one of the reasons why I decided to come to Korea, that would be… FOOD! Korea is famous for its authentic and delicious dishes and snacks for an affordable price. Although I have been in Korea only for a month, I have tried lots of Korean dishes. And I have […]