HUBS Field Trip to Ottogi!

Last week, a group of international students at Hanyang University visited the production site of Ottogi (Ottogi Food Manufacturing Company). Such field trips are designated to provide international students some insights about Korean business culture.


We left from Hanyang University at 10am and it took around two hours to get there. After the arrival, we first took a group photo in front of the factory. As e entered the building, a representative of Ottogi proudly presented the first roaster of Ottogi Curry which was very impressive.


Then, we were led to the so-called History Library of Ottogi. We could see many food related products from Ottogi which is especially famous for its curry pastes. For its products Ottogi received numerous awards that were also presented in the history hall. Among others they were awarded for the best packing design and also recently made a sponsoring agreement with with the soccer club Manchester United.


After touring around the hall, we were given a short presentation on the company and the factory itself. Before actually visiting the production facilities, we were invited for a free lunch in the company’s cafeteria. In the factory it was not allowed to take any pictures, so unfortunately I cannot show you the inside. However, it was really cool to see the working areas inside the factory. We could see different machinery that are used for various processes to proceed raw materials to packaged products.


At the end of the tour, we got offered the opportunity to try their readymade rice and curry which was very delicious. Also, we received some small presents as we left the factory. The present box for each student consisted of different Ottogi products, such as ramen, mayonnaise, ketchup, and readymade rice and curry. Overall, it was a fun, educational trip that I enjoyed a lot!

By Zaw from Myanmar

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