Summer Best Chilling Place

Rowie Eka

Helloooo ALL!!! These days, Seoul is hot! Even today it reaches 30°Celcius which is the hottest day since the winter…

That’s why I want to recommend it to you guys. Maybe you know this brand but don’t know where it is located. It is Baskin Robin!!! So, if you don’t know, this store provides a significant variety of ice cream flavors!

They have a branch near Hanyang University. It is right at the intersection of Wangsimni and sageundong ( 사근동 ) There is Frank Burger and Sadda Kimbap nearby!!!

Naver Map Link: Baskin-Robbins Hanyang Univ. Branch, 서울 성동구 마조로 25


They provide a lot of various prices too! Start from 3.400₩ only!! Let’s grab your ice cream to refresh yourself on this HOT DAY!!! I recommend the Almond Bongbong flavor the most!!!! And you can get a spoon of any taste that you want to try for FREE!!! and GOOD NEWS FOR INTROVERTS!!! They have a self-order machine, so you don’t need to worry anymore!!!

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