Daegu trip Part 3


Hello everyone!!!!!

So, let’s begin the story.

After having a tight sleep in my comfy bed, I woke up around 6 am. I am not a morning person but the meeting time was 9 am and the breakfast time was until 8 am. So, I had no choice but to wake up early and have a nice fresh start to the morning with the amazing view outside my window and a nice bubble bath in the jacuzzi. I went for breakfast in the lobby area. The hotel provided a breakfast buffet. They had ramen, cereals, bread, jam, butter, milk, biscuits, and some fruit juices. I had bread, butter, and jam with orange juice.

After breakfast, we all packed our stuff and gathered in the lobby. Around 9 am, we all sat on the bus and left for a new site waiting for us.

We went to experience some history after all that enjoyment of advancement earlier night. We entered there and saw really beautiful preserved houses of the missionaries of that time that came to Korea which were now museums.

Unfortunately, these preservatories were closed that day. Anyway, we looked around the area and our next stop was the famous 90 steps where the independence movement happened. There were cute stamps available and what we did was, we put that stamp on our wrist.

The moment when you get to the end of the stairs you can see birth years engraved on it and there are two beautiful churches across the road.

The view was really mesmerizing. Along the main road, there were some poetic expressions engraved on the road which was written by a famous poet.

Then we saw some old preserved Korean houses. They were really small yet spectacular.

The fun fact is that the ex-president visited this place last summer.

Well, that’s it for this part. We are almost near the end of this trip. I’ll see you guys in the next part (It is the last part btw 😉)

Have a great week till then!!!!!

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