Back Alley Eateries Day 2: HanYangChon

Youn Seng Min

Hi guys! How are you all doing? Another great week I hope! With an exam coming next Thursday, I really should be studying. I just keep telling myself that life isn’t all about grades. Except it’s not like I’m doing anything productive instead of studying…

Anyway, how are you adjusting to the food in Korea? I know Korean food isn’t the easiest to get used to. Korean food really grows on you if you give it a try! Although food at HangWon Park (the refractory in front of the business building) many is really cheap, it really isn’t a very good example of Korean food. Also with the recent price hike, many of my friends are looking for alternatives.

If you dare to venture down that hill behind our building one more time, you will find another homely shop that is run by friendly ajumas. They serve up a variety of Korean classics from JaeYukBokeum(stir-fried pork in gochujang marinade) to DwenJangJjigae(Korea bean-paste soup). Granted, the prices are a little higher than those of HangWonPark; considering taste and the price of your every-day restaurants, however, it’s definitely worth it.

The last time my friends and I went, we got three soups and two meat dishes. The portions are extremely generous and the food tastes qutie authentic. You don’t get that lingering iffy taste in your mouth that you get when you eat food that contains a lot of MSG. The dishes always taste a little different; I’m almost certain that these ladies go by gut-feeling rather than strickly following recipes. Today the meat dishes had a little too much sesame oil but that was just fine. The place also serves a variety of BanChans(Korean side dishes) that are always quite amazing and generous in serving. We got some eggplants, radish, peanut and legumes and some kimchi. I feel like I’d be satisfied with just rice and their BanChans. The highlight of this place is that you can get unlimited rice! If you feel like you need more or have some of your main dish still left over, you can simply grab another bowl from the rice cooker in the hall.

The next time you are hungry but don’t want to waste 4000 on shabby cafeteria food, venture down!

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