Enjoy Seoul City with the Green Bike!

Nam In Han


You’ve probably seen this green bike around the school. the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been operating a fully unmanned public bike rental service. The duration of use on regular tickets range from a week to a year and allows one hour or two hours of use per day. On one-hour-per-day basis, weekly passes cost 3,000 won whilst the monthly passes cost 5,000 won. A one-year ticket offers the benefit of garnering public transportation transfer mileage. (It takes about three to four days to verify a transfer.) Additional charges will incur if you do not return the bikes on time.


The bikes can be rented using the website or the application ‘SEOUL BIKE’. The application provides you with English services. You can make your account or log in with a Kakao / Facebook / Naver account. It allows you to purchase a ticket for yourself or gift a SEOUL BIKE ticket to your friends. Once you have registered your transportation card, you can rent it more easily by tagging the card to the device attached to a bicycle. You can suggest installing a rental office, or report a breakdown. Furthermore, you can set a go-to rental spot or password, and check in how many bikes are placed at each rental spot.

With this bike, you could drive along the Han-Gang bike path. The path runs along Jun-Nang Cheon Cherry Blossom Road, Eung-Bong Mountain, Seoung-Su Bridge, and Ttukseom park. Finally, be careful of the fact that the maximum duration of use is four hours (one hour pass) or six hours (two hours pass). If you use the bike for longer, you will automatically be reported to the police for theft. In this situation, you need to contact them at 1599-0120. If you follow friendly instructions in the application or website, you will be able to use your bike without any problems. Call 02-1599-0120 when you are in use or have a problem with your return.

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