Korean pork bbq :‘더 서민 구이’ (The SeoMin Gooie)

Youn Seng Min Hi guys! How was your weekend? I hope you didn’t have to stay home and study all weekend… Honestly, I myself have much to catch up. Despite the fact that I have four upcoming exams for which I should have started studying last week, I decided to go drinking with my friends […]

Want to experience the K-POP culture?: go to SM TOWN ARTIUM

Kim Min Jung These days, K-POP is popular all over the world and there are big fandom cultures among many K-POP fans. This is considered a special feature of Korean pop culture. If you are a big fan of K-pop yourself and want to not only listen to K-pop music but also have a special […]

Introduction about the Regular Subway Pass

Nam InHan Hello, readers of myHUBS blog. Do you know about the monthly subway passes in Korea? If you only use the subway without transferring onto buses or use the subway many times a day, it could be very beneficial. First, let me explain briefly about the monthly ticket, which is only available on the […]

Wangsimli Arcade

Jung Lee Right outside the campus, on the way to Wangsimli station, the wonderland of arcade welcomes and attracts crowds all the time. Mobile games have now replaced arcades in Korea and less people visit them. Arcades, however, are very symbolic to my generation since most of us have experiences lining up for game machines […]

The Mobile App that Will Save You from Getting Lost

Lee Jung Finding directions is not always an easy task, even for Koreans. Convenient but extensive public transit in Seoul often confuses us with multiple directions, unclear signboards and complicated transfer processes. The directions to famous attractions are quite comprehensive, but it is the daily commute and other everyday destinations we are mostly concerned about. […]

Back Alley Eateries Day 1: DashiOlChicken (다시올치킨)

Seng Min Youn Had someone warned me about the seemingly bottomless pool of work I would flounder in, perhaps I wouldn’t have decided that uni was a good idea. A month into the semester, I have already made five, twenty-slide power point presentations. All these cherry blossoms and annoyingly cute couples mock me. I hope […]

Brief on the Use of School Restaurant

Nam InHan Hello, readers of myHUBS! Today’s article is about school cafeterias that are most accessible from the business administration building! Most HUBS students have their meals at Hang-won Park or the faculty refractory located at the seventh floor of the College of Life Sciences building. 1.Hang-won Park(행원파크) It is located on B2F of the […]

Easier way to get to Business School

Kim MinJung Have you ever regretted coming to Hanyang university because of the high slopes? Actually, I have. Because the Business school building is very far from the subway station, it’s very hard to get to. Due to this geographic specialty, many Hanyang university students have found easier ways to go to the business school […]