Anju – What to Drink and What to Eat

Youn Seng Min  Hey guys and girls! I hope you’ve had another wonderful week. Me? I’m still trying to get over the fact that I may have to retake a course next semester due to a horrible exam score. At least I get to retake the course. All’s well that ends well right? Today I’d […]

Korean Baseball Culture

Kim Min Jung Do you know that a lot of Koreans love baseball? I also like watching baseball and I’m fan of Samsung Lions, one of the teams in the Korean baseball league. There are ten teams, each supported by big corporations in Korea and regions where they have their home-stadiums. There are three teams, […]

The Korean Demilitarized Zone

Lee Jung As most of you are well aware, the political and diplomatic complications between South and North Korea are still on-going. Korea is the one of the only two divided nations in the world, along with Cyprus. Since the Korean Civil War and the Armistice Agreement, which put an end to the war, the […]

Cafés with Unique Concepts in Korea

Nam InHan There are cafés all over Korea. Some, however, are quite unique and will provide you with an experience that you won’t be able to obtain anywhere else. Let me introduce a few of my favorite spots! Cartoon cafés   In a cartoon café, you can spend your time reading cartoons or novels. There […]