Special Korean Traditional Food in Wangsimni

This week’s article is about some of the dishes which Koreans often eat for their entire life. We tend to consider these food as our traditional food, so if you want to know more Korean culture, this article could make your experience much more fabulous. Of course, I often hang out with my friends to get there when I am craving for hot soup. The following are my suggestions when you are struggling to pick up a restaurant selling for Korean traditional food.


  1. The Jinkook (더 진국)

Here is the one place popular among undergraduate/graduate students as well as locals in the area. Their main dishes are boiled pork soup (해장국) and boiled ‘Soondae’ soup (순대국). It looks like many of foreigners who came to Korea could be unfamiliar with this food, ‘Soondae’ (순대). Let me get this straight. Clearly, it is categorized as Korean sausage. It is pig’s gut that is filled with pig’s blood, cellophane noodles and vegetables. This explanation is highly likely to make you feel awkward and disgusting. However, the taste of it is much better than you thought. I saw that many of my foreign friends liked it.

You can also choose the spicy soup, depending on your own taste. Each soup costs 6500 Won, and the amount of rice that you can eat is unlimited. It means that when you are in need of rice, they are going to serve you a bowl of rice again and again.



Picture of ‘Naengmyeon’ (Source: http://blog.naver.com/heyouland/220339918405)


Furthermore, they are selling not only boiled soup, but also cold noodles called ‘Naengmyeon’ (냉면). But when you order a bowl of cold noodles, the grilled meat is also served together. That is, you can eat both cold noodles and meat by paying out 6500 Won. Even, there are so many dishes including boiled pork eating with kimchi (김치) and vegetables, called ‘Bossam’ (보쌈). Due to its variety of food and superior quality of food, there is a possibility of waiting in line sometimes. So arrive in 30 mins before the lunch or dinner time!



Source: Naver Maps

Close to the Hanyang University Enter-6 (엔터식스 한양대점). Right opposite to the ‘Norangtongdak’ (노랑통닭), chicken restaurant colored in yellow.


  1. Jangdo Ttukbaegi (장도뚝배기)

Have you ever heard of an earthen pot? It was originally used when you store or put something into the pot. This pot is really known for its function of keeping warmth. Based on this feature, some of the restaurant use it to serve boiled soup toward the consumer. (It is called ‘Ttukbaegi’ (뚝배기) in Korean.)

Their main dishes are various, from kimchi Ttukbaegi (김치뚝배기) to soybean Ttuckbaegi (된장뚝배기) (I like the kimchi Ttuckbaegi the most. It’s my own opinion!). Like the first place that I introduced, ‘The 진국’, you can eat more rice freely, scooping up the amount of rice that you want in the boiled rice container set by the tables. Also you can eat more side dish including fish cake, kimchi and bean sprouts. If you are a big gourmand, here is the best place I think.

The price range is 3800 Won~5800 Won. They also sell a bottle of beer for 1500 Won. That’s cheap!



Source: Naver Maps

Go straight toward the Hanyang University Enter-6 from Baskin-Robbins for about 3 mins.

(Baskin-Robbins is on the three-way intersection in Wangsimni (왕십리))


  1. Ssaum Gosu (싸움의 고수)

I mentioned in the first suggested restaurant, ‘The 진국’, that they are selling ‘Bossam’, which is boiled pork eating with kimchi and vegetables. There is a restaurant selling only ‘Bossam’, not with other food. There are only 4 menus: Single Bossam, Garlic Bossam, Saaum Bossam (spicy one), Saaum Dupbob. In the restaurant, there is an English version of menu. Check it out!

The distinctive feature of this place is that they have many single seats for the ones who are coming alone. Lately, the trend of ‘eating alone’ is getting popular. That’s why this kind of seats are being created gradually. Not only the tables in the restaurant, is the food they are serving composed for only one person. Due to this features, I usually see the restaurant crowed all the time.

I haven’t been here before, but I heard that the amount of food couldn’t possibly make your stomach full enough, especially if you are male. So considering how much you usually eat, you should select among three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.



Source: Naver Maps

When you arrive to the Baskin-Robbins in Wangsimni, get into the cross-road near it. Very close!


Article by SooJung, a Junior in Business Administration


  1. Wow, that looks delicious. Especially the side dishes! ❤반찬

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