24/7 Places to Study On and Off Campus

Hello, everyone. Good to see you again, after the long and harsh exam period. How were the midterm exams? Did you study all night? By the way, where did you study?

If you had been wandering around the campus looking for a warm and cozy studying area, I would like to suggest several places on and off campus where you can stay up all night!



  1. Paiknam Library (백남학술정보관)

Paiknam Library is the main library of the Hanyang University Seoul Campus (한양대학교 서울캠퍼스). It is located on the “summit of the hill (폭풍의 언덕)”. Recently, there was a major renovation and some changes occurred regarding the setting of the reading rooms. The Basement floor has small cubicles. It is quite a conventional closed setting. The rooms on the third floor has been renovated recently. They have large desks and green lanterns. You can bring laptops but no food or drinks are allowed.


Reading Room #1 and #2 are open from 5 am to 11 pm.

Reading Room #3 and #4 are open 24 hours (except major holidays)

Students can also use group study rooms on the basement and the 3rd floor upon reservation. Reservation should be made two days prior to the wished date on the library website : https://library.hanyang.ac.kr/



  1. Law School Library (법학학술정보관)

Law Library is in the College of Economics and Finance (경제금융대학). It is in the building right across the business building. There are reading rooms with cubicles on the 3rd and the 4th floors. It is open from 9 am to 10 pm.


  1. Business School Studying Room

You may know that there is a lounge and a small studying place on the second floor of the Business Building (경영관). It is open from 7 am to 11 pm. But, it is open 24 hours before and during the exam period. You can use the libraries on campus with your student ID card.

F.Y.I. Most libraries and reading places on campus are open all night during the exam period. So check the bulletin board at the entrance.



  1. Tom and Toms Coffee

Tom and Toms is located next to McDonalds near the Hanyang University Station (한양대학교역). It is one of the few cafes that are open 24 hours in Wangsimni (왕십리). Also, the whole three floors are café, but all seats are full during exam periods.  You may see a lot of students studying all night.



  1. Heung SinSo (흥신소)

HeungSinSo is very close from Tom and Toms. It is a three-floor café. On the first floor are board games and cards, so if you get stressed out too much from your excessive exams, take a break and play Halli Galli with friends. It is open from 9 am to 2:30 am. It is not open 24 hours, but HeungSinSo is a big café with three floors, and close from Hanyang Univ. Station, so why not give a try if you do not plan to study all night long.



  1. ERUM Study Café (이룸)

Erum is quiet new in Wangsimni. It is a café, but the concept is more like a studying room with personal seats and private rooms. Instead of paying for coffee, you pay for seats. It is 4,000 Won for 4-hour use. There are vending machines, so you can buy snacks and drinks. I have not been there yet, but will try here next time. Erum is located in a narrow alley between DosMas Burrito (도스마스) and SulBing (설빙).



  1.  24’ Study Free Café

Another Study café in Wangsimni! Honestly, I had not heard of this place ever before and found it while surfing on the internet, and it seems pretty darn nice. It is a little bit far from the campus. You need to walk for about 10 minutes straight from Enter 6 the #. If you would like to stay for 2 hours, then pay 2,500 Won. If you wish to stay for 4 hours, pay 4,000 won. One canned drink is offered for free once you pay for your seat. One thing that is good about this place is that it has a well organized website, so you can check out price and how the inside looks like from the website:   http://freecafehanyang.modoo.at/


Article by Sangeun, a Junior in Business Administration

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