Craving for “Instant Cup Ramyeon” (Part 1)

Have you ever seen a large selection of instant cup ramyeon at a convenience store or any market? I’m sure that you must have caught sight of so many students eating those food for their lunch in a short time. In here, ramyeon has been one of the most favorite foods for Koreans. Ramyeon in Korea is available in only two forms: in a packet, and in a cook-in-the-container Styrofoam cup. I will focus on the latter one, which is “Cup Ramyeon”.

The most attractive characteristics of this food is that it can quickly make your stomach so filling and the taste is much better than you expect. Also the price of it is about 1300won to 1500won, which belongs to the range of cheap foods. So, when you don’t want to eat a full meal but you are craving for something lighter that you make yourself full, the answer would be “Korean Ramyeon”. The following is three kinds of cup noodles that you can easily find at any supermarket.


1. Ottogi: Sesame Flavor Noodle (오뚜기 참깨라면)

Here is the picture of its noodle’s container. The special feature that can differentiate with competitors is the existence of egg block. By putting egg block into the container, it helps the soup of ramyeon not to taste so spicy, making the color of soup light. The sesame also contributes to the taste of it, being much more savory. That is, “a bit spicy but not a spicy red broth”.


Source : Ottogi

<How to eat>

  • Open the sealed cover and take out three types of small packs (A seasoning powder, egg block, and sesame oil)
  • Rip off the packs of “seasoning powder” & “egg block” and leave these ingredients on top of the noodles.
  • Pourthe boiling water up to the marked line inside the container.
  • Re-closethe opened cover and wait 4
  • Re-openthe cover and put in “sesame oil” at this moment.

(It has a nice sesame scent as sesame oil usually does)

Finally, it’s time to eat


2. Samyang Food: Buldalk Bokkeummyeon (삼양 불닭볶음면)

Do you think you can handle very spicy foods? This noodle has the nickname of “Fire noodles”, which is eaten without any soup. This is one of the famous and spicy instant noodle brand, even that Korean people are wary of that hot sauce. So, if you are a heat craving, mouth torturing, spice sadist, challenging this noodle would be good choice for you.

<How to eat>

  • Open the sealed cover and take out all packs.
  • Put the boiling water up to the marked line.
  • Wait for 4 mins until the noodles are cooked completely.
  • After that, makea hole on the cover with the chopsticks and drain all the
  • Put in both hot sauce (liquid type) and the other pack of a pieces of seaweed and sesame to the bowl

(You can control the level of spiciness with the amount of the hot sauce that you put in.)

Mix them all over and enjoy your ramyeon!!

**Secret Tips**

: The taste would be much better if you put the cheese on top of the ramyeon at the very last step (Go buy a string cheese, and tear it up to pieces). When you are done to follow those steps, just microwave the container to heat the cheese up. It helps to relax your tongue out of the spicy taste.


Source :


3. Nongshim: Shin Ramyeon (농심 신라면)

Shin Ramyeon is the Korean brand of instant noodles flavored with beef and chili. It has been ranked on the top at all times, even though various kinds of ramyeon has been kept coming out to the market until now. Due to the high popularity, this brand is being exported to the other countries such as the United States and China.

There are two kinds of cup ramyeon, black and standard. Straight out of the package, there’s a pretty clear difference between the Shin Black and the standard cup: the Black version contains one extra seasoning packet. Rather than the mix of beef extract, chili, and vegetables that you get in the standard, the Black comes with one packet of chili mix, and another which has a beef and anchovy soup base. (Refer to the picture above). So if you want to experience deeper taste of beef soup, go for it, the black one! However, keep in mind that black version is about two times more expensive than standard one.

<How to eat>

  • Open the sealed cover and take out all packets.
  • Pour the hot water into the container by the marked line.
  • Wait for at least 4 mins and stir it with your chopsticks.



Article by Soojung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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