Camping in Seoraksan, South Korea

This weekend I went on a spontaneous camping trip with a group of 20 exchange students. We gathered in groups of 4-5 and purchased tents for only 40,000 won and sleeping bags for about 15,000 Won. Everyone packed out backpacks full of snacks, beer, and soju and set out to Seoraksan National Park (설악산 국립공원) […]

2016 Spring Festivals

Finally March has gone and April has come! It means we can enjoy the nice weather because spring pretty much starts on April. Nowadays Korea is pleasant due to the spring flower festival. On campus, we can see beautiful flower. Then how about Seoul city and Korea? Today, I will talk about flower festivals and […]

Welcome to “Glitters”!

Welcome to “Glitters” If you are new to the Hanyang University as an exchange student, come and join us, Glitters. Glitters is named after the front word out of “Global” and the back of the word, “Supporters”. Also, Glitters can be interpreted literally as the one “glitter” indicates. As you know, it means “gleaming and […]

The 20th Parliamentary Elections in Korea

General Election (총선) to elect the members of the National Assembly (국회) in South Korea will be held in two weeks, the thirteenth of April. You may have already known it by seeing several campaign posters hanging on streets. Some are red, others are blue or green. Today’s post is about South Korea’s election and […]

Getting a Driver’s License in Korea

A lot of foreign people are surprised at public transportation when they come to Korea. If you have a credit or debit card, you can always take subways or buses wherever you are. But the public transportation is located only in big cities so if you want to go travel far from the cities without […]

An Excursion in COEX Mall

If Korea knows how to do one thing right, it’s packing a ton of fun things into one place. The COEX Mall is a perfect example of this. From arcades and movie theaters to bookstores and aquariums, this place has plenty to do. On top of that, above its shopping floor is a huge exhibition […]