Hanyang Plaza, Remodeled!

The most visible place when one visits Hanyang University, most probably in front of exit 2 of Hanyang University Station (한양대역), is Hanyang Plaza (한양플라자). During the two month summer vacation last year, Hanyang Plaza was at last renovated. The reason for the remodeling was to improve the building environment. This time, the renovation, centered […]

Difference in Education Systems Between Countries

Have you ever been curious of other country’s educational system? But are you having troubles to find any good website that tells you that information correctly? I’m here to answer any questions that you may have. I will describe each characteristic of elementary, middle, and high schools found in France, America, and Korea. 1. Elementary […]

Getting to Know about Korea Through Youtube: Part 1

Hello, guys. This time I would like to introduce some famous Korean Youtube channels. For those of you who are tired of learning a language through textbooks, and would like to know about Korean culture or trend in reality, or those who are scrolling down Facebook for killing time, I have come up with a […]

Going to Dinner in Seoul, South Korea

Choosing a Restaurant Choosing a place to have dinner in Seoul can be either an extremely difficult, or very simple task depending on how decisive you are because the streets are literally lined with endless options. While walking down any main road or side street you pass tens of dozens of Korean BBQ restaurants, grab-and-go […]

Making Friends in Korea: How to Join Cliques

A lot of foreign students in Hanyang University have problems making Korean friends. Some of them have a hard time making friends because they cannot speak or understand Korean well. But, even if some people who are good in Korean, it is not easy for them to become intimate with people in school. It is because […]

Kumdo – Unleashing the Warrior Within

Few martial arts still seek to preserve the warrior’s spirit. It seems only natural since many of the techniques taught are seemingly useless in a street fight, and now emphasis has been placed on scoring points rather than attaining true mastery. However, some are still drawn to the ideals and spirituality that martial arts such […]

Lotteria vs. McDonald’s

Some people think it is such a tragedy to eat at McDonald’s in a foreign country. They tell me, “Why are you eating a burger and French fries when you could be eating local cultural food?” Eating at the McDonald’s in a foreign country is such a unique experience though. I am always fascinated by […]