Getting to Know about Korea through Youtube: Part 2

Hello, guys. I hope you enjoyed the first part of “Getting to Know about Korea through Youtube”. I’ve come up with the second part of the post. I am going to introduce five Youtube channels. Three of them are about fashion, beauty and makeup trend of South Korea. The other two are under a category named “Lonely Night” introducing what you can watch when you are so bored, but do not want to get up from your bed, like on rainy days or days after midterm.



☞ The average running time must not exceed 10 minutes – the longer it becomes, the sleepier it gets

☞ Language: Should be easily understandable. Either the speaker speaks both English and Korean, or put English subtitles

☞ Reality: Korean culture is well explain into depth.

☞ Applicability: Not only fun to watch, but also useful and applicable


3. Fashion & Makeup Trend


OnStyle is originally a broadcast channel sponsored and released by CJ E&M. Its Youtube channels have both short clips of OnStyle TV shows and videos specially filmed to be released on the web. Its topics vary from fashion, makeup trend to body fitness. Also, there are some videos featured by South Korean singers and models. I am sure this channel has been created not only for domestic people, but also for foreigners interested in South Korea. Therefore, not all, but most of the videos have English subtitles.

Language: ★★★★

Reality: ★★★★

Applicability: ★★★★

1 온스타일 campus fashion people Kim Nayoung’s 10,000 l=Likes


PONY Makeup

Being a blogger, Youtuber, and an author of several books, Pony is becoming world famous. With her stunning appearance, there is no doubt she really knows how to apply makeup for TPO. She tries new hair style every time and it goes very well with her makeup. If you have just started to put on makeup, watch carefully how she uses different tools and texture of products. Currently, she works as a makeup artist for C.L of 2NE1.

P.S. You can also find out her old makeup tutorial videos on OnStyle.

Language: ★★★★ She speaks Korean but English subtitles exist.

Reality: ★★★

Applicability: ★★★

2 포니 Taylor Swift transformation makeup Pony in London


Ssin 씬님

If Pony is Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Ssin is Mulan. Adventurous and unpredictable, Ssin does everything. You will be surprised to see piles of makeup products she owns in her room. But besides from just having a lot of products, Ssin is very creative with makeup. She challenges our old concept about makeup. The range of her videos include makeup tutorials, comparing similar products, makeup haul, introducing her friends’ pouch and so on. Recently, she has started a new series about makeup using only one street brand.

Language: ★★★★ English subtitles exist for most of the videos.

Reality: ★★★★

Applicability: ★★★

3 씬님 Dice makeup challenge Finding the best moisturizer


4. For Lonely Night

Dana ASMR: ASMR stands for.

If you are experiencing insomnia, or took too much caffeine during the day, I will prescribe a pill of Dana ASMR. ASMR is an abbreviation on Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. You might know how it feels like when someone wispers into your ear or massage your scalp smoothly. ASMR videos are created to provide those good, sleep-like feelings by simulating similar situations. Dana is one of those making ASMR videos. I personally think hers are above other ASMR videos.

Listen to Dana’s calm voice and have a good night sleep.

Language: ★★★★ You might not feel language as a barrier. Dana makes several videos for non-Korean speakers

Reality: ★★★★

Applicability: ★★★★★

4 dana asmr dummy head Origami show and tell



There is a word “딸바보=daughter-fool” in Korean which indicates those moms and dads who are so fond of their daughter, so they know nothing but their daughter. Bobaepapa is made by one of those 딸바보 daddy. This papa uploads his two little daughters play, talk, and sing. Many have been overwhelmed by their infinite-level cuteness. I wish I could have children like them. Just watch. You will find yourself clicking tens of other videos of these two angels, and all stress is gone!

Language: ★★★ Unfortunately, there are no English subtitles. L

Reality: ★★★★★

Applicability: ★★★★

Purity ★★★★★★★ You may feel you have been purified.

5 보배파파 I see mommy, but I am so sleepy. Going home after work


Written by SangEun Bae, a Junior in Business Administration

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