Brand 1943: Hottest Drinking Franchise in Korea

Hajon Lee


Have you ever seen the huge line at Gangnam, Konkuk, or Hongdae in front of a place with a huge red light with the sign 1943? Of course there are other places with long lines also, but what is about this place where the line never seems to get short? People continuously line up even though there are at least 20 people in front of them.

Brand 1943 is a drinking franchise established in 2018 and has expanded to having 50 branches till now. The fascination behind the brand 1943 is actually the story of how it all started. The whole thing started off with the founder opening up a small pub with two employees who now have become the co-founders of 1943. The narrative where three young men in their 20s have created an empire that has taken over Korea. The question everyone has been asking: the meaning of 1943, is actually the date of the founder’s mother’s birthday.

How did they become so famous and what is all the hype about? One of the biggest reasons why they are famous is through their marketing strategy. The co-founders and the directors are youtubers and create a lot of content in these bars. They play numerous games with people who come to the bar and take a lot of pictures. The place itself is unique as it has an enormous chandelier in the middle of the bar which has become an iconic photospot. It makes the place look fancy and also gives assurance that the food is coming from an expensive bar. The interior and the furniture (sofas, table, etc) that are put into place also are very elegant. It was set up this way because they were targeting ladies in their 20s.


1943 is also very famous for their tasty and cheap food that are all around 10,000 won. They have a variety of 40 different kinds of food, ranging from rose pasta chicken to cream cheese salmon. Two of the menus I would recommend in this place is the rose pasta chicken and fried chicken skin. The food amount here is big for a group of friends to share on a night out. The whole atmosphere is very uplifting with music that is enjoyable to our generation. If you want to enter 1943, probably go early so you don’t have to wait in line for a long time. They have franchises all over Korea and Seoul, so check the nearest place. Also have your ID or Passport on you as they check it 24/7 and then you will get a stamp that will give you entry in and out of the bar. Enjoy the soju and beer and the exciting culture of Korea.

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