The Life of a Korean University Student: Planning One’s Career

Being a Freshman as a university student is the period of adaptation in a new environment. They most likely join a club after entrance. The club is classified according to student’s preference. I recommend if you want to become intimate with friends from your major, you’d better go with a club associated with your major! […]

Cultural Aspects Challenging for Foreigners in Korea

Like as always, the spring semester has already kicked off, and it’s been four weeks since the school started. Many exchange students coming from all over the world are getting used to the new surroundings and unique environment in Korea. Among them, I interviewed one student who came from France. She, Elodie Vicini, and I […]

How to Prepare for Exams at HYU

Spring has arrived. Already a month has passed since the beginning of the 1st semester. Soon, Haeongwon Park (the area with benches in front of the business building) will turn pink with cherry blossoms. Oops, in fact, cherry blossom means the midterm week is coming. Thomas is a second year MIS major student from University […]

Lectures in Seoul

Class Culture: One thing that is widely known in the United States is how narrow the scope of discussion is allowed to be in the classroom. Whether you are a student in college, high school, or younger, a professor does not have free reign to express their personal view points on religion or politics very […]

Chinese Students Thoughts on Korean Courses?

The ‘Understanding of Economics’ (Economics 101) is one of the classes for Business major students in Hanyang University. The main purpose of this class is learning the basic of economics. Students who are not familiar with economics can study what it is and how to think like economists. This class is not an essential class for […]

Winter Style in Seoul

Here in Korea, everyone takes their personal appearance very seriously. Whenever I’m in an elevator, I always see men and women taking a look at their reflection, fixing their hair and making sure they don’t have any leftover kimchi stuck in their teeth from lunch. Furthermore, young Korean men seem to make very deliberate choices […]

Alien Registration Card

If you are planning on saying in Korea for over 90 days with a D-2 or D-4 visa, then you are required to obtain an Alien Registration Card (ARC). You must apply for the card within 90 days of arriving in South Korea. With this card, you can travel outside of South Korea and re-enter […]

Running in Seoul

Inevitably, one of the first things I did after arriving in Seoul was locate the best trail for me to enjoy my morning runs. Luckily, in this city, that is an enormously easy task. I was staying in a guesthouse in Hongdae (홍대), which is a very young, popular, and trendy district, so I thought […]