PB Products of Convenience Stores

How often do you go to convenience stores? If you are a student who major in Business Administration at Hanyang University, you may go to CU at least twice a week. Many students visit CU to buy meal boxes, ramen, beverage and snacks. Among lots of products that can be found in convenience stores, there are special products called PB Products. PB products means private label products whose brand owned by a retailer or supplier who get its goods made by a contract manufacturer under its own label. Simply speaking, you can buy CU’s PB products in CU, not in GS 25 or 7ELEVEN. The greatest advantage of PB Products is its cheap price. So, for Students who want to buy cheap and large meals, I would like to introduce PB products of famous convenience stores. Especially I want to recommend PB products of CU and GS25.

CU 자사홈페이지

Source: CU



CU is one of the famous convenience store that students in our university visit often, because there are at least 3 CU in Hanyang University. One of its hot items is ‘CU Big Yogurt’, which is well known for its big size. You can buy 270ml yogurt, which is 4 times bigger than normal size yogurt (65ml). Recently, CU released 450ml yogurt (7 times bigger). Though its size is really big, it tastes just like normal yogurt. Also Cheese flavored Odari Ramen(오다리치즈라면) is the best-selling ramen of CU. There are two different seasonings, a cheese flavored powder and soup base. Many people say this ramen is not greasy, although this ramen’s main ingredient is cheese. The broth is a little bit spicy, but it’s tasty. And snacks are selling well too. Especially, ‘Corn Popcorn(콘소메맛 팝콘)’ is the No. 1 Sales Popcorn of CU. The snack bags of CU look small. However you have to worry, because it is filled with snacks. And CU Mineral Water is also one of the best-selling water. A liter of water costs only 800 won. Many students bought this, because of its reasonable price.

CU에서 가져온 사진

Source: CU



GS25 is famous for its unique ramen and meal boxes. Especially, ‘Omori Kimchi Stew Ramen(오모리 김치찌개 라면)’ is really successful ramen of GS25. This ramen’s main ingredient is Kimchi which is aged for 3 years. There are a packet of Kimchi and a flavor packet inside. Add the mix and pour the hot water. Then you can taste the delicious broth! ‘Spicy Cheese Stir-fried Noodles(매운치즈볶음면)’ is also popular. It was developed by one of the most famous alumnus of Hanyang University, Hong Sukchun. It received a good response from consumers. Cheese powder, pepper oil and seasoning made of Vietnam pepper make this noodles taste great. And ‘Hyeja meal box(혜자도시락)’ also won the hearts of consumers. It is named after one Korean actress, ‘Kim Hyeja’. Many people love this meal box, because of its large meals and good quality. People even made newly coined words, ‘like Hyeja’, which means delicious and hearty food. There are many kinds of meal boxes you can choose from like Bulgogi and pork cutlet. Also try ‘25% Mango Bing-soo(25% 망고빙수), if you have a sweet tooth. This ice flake is made of real mango and condensed milk, so it is a great dessert.


Source: Kyunghyang

Till now, I introduced a few PB Products of CU and GS25. I hope you find this information useful!


Article by Hyunyoung from Korea

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