How to Get Home at Night

When you enjoy the night, subway and bus will already end. How do you get back your home? On foot? By taxi? Maybe you will choose taxi. Then, are there many taxis? Maybe not. When I was in hot place at night, it was very competitive to take a taxi. It took more than an hour. So, I will introduce the way you can go home. One is cheaper way, the other is faster way.

First cheaper way is the night bus (N Bus). Maybe you have seen bus number start with ‘N’. All of these buses is night buses. This bus does not run in the daytime. However, they run when other buses and subways end.

Night bus


There are eight bus lines. N13, N15, N16, N26, N30, N37, N61, N62. To know more detail about bus lines, go to the site or use app, Naver map. These buses end at 4 a.m., the time other buses and subway start running. In addition basic cost of night buses is 2,150 Won.

Next, a faster way is ‘call taxi’. Call the ‘call taxi’ company and tell them where you are. Then they find taxis around you. If there are some taxis, they reserve your taxi, and you can get a taxi in about ten minutes. However, it takes an additional reservation cost. I know it is 1,000 Won in the daytime. During extra charge time, from midnight to 4 a.m., it is 2,000 Won.

Lastly, I will introduce an application as fast as taxi, and a little cheaper than Call taxi. Open the App (Google Play or Apple Appstore) store, find Kakao taxi and download it. Then, if you already have Kakao talk, you can use this app with that account. Read and agree to the terms and conditions for use. Certify your phone with certification number. It is ready for use.

Kakao Taxi

To know more of the accurate location of where you are, it will be better to activate your phone location service. Write you’re a point of departure and destination. Maybe departure point will be where you are.

1 2


Then, check your departure point as where you are. Moving your map, you can change more exact points.

3 4

Push call button and wait answer. If there are taxi driver who want to come to you, it reserve automatically. And you can know how long it will take, who the driver is, taxi number and etc. It is very useful because it is safe. You can give a message where you take taxi, how long it will take and any other details about taxi to your friends or family who worry about you. In addition if you lose something in the taxi you can call the driver directly. It is easier than Call taxi. Kakao taxi has no additional cost.

Taking taxi is more expensive at night. All of the taxis has extra charge from midnight to 4 a.m. Extra charge rate is 20%. In Seoul basic charge for taxi is 3,000 won and it increases by 100 won. During the extra charge time, basic charge for taxi is 3,600 won and it increases by 120 won. So it will be less costly to avoid extra charge time.

To decrease cost and time to come back your home, I recommend to mix two ways. Find night bus near at you. Get off the bus where the nearest place to home. And take taxi or come back home on foot. It will keep your money and your legs. Enjoy your night!


Article by Hyosik from Korea

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