Mukbang in convenience store

Anna Lee I am sure that Japan is famous for having bunch of stuffs in convenience store. They have not only fast-food, they also have fish cakes that are put in boiling soup, luxurious lunch box, cake, dessert and so on. However, Korea is not that far behind in having great stuff in our convenience […]

The All Powerful T-Money Card

One of the most important things when arriving in a new place is learning about how you get to one place or another. All over the world there are so many ways to get around whether it is by foot, in a car, or in a rickshaw. In Seoul, the preferred method of transportation is […]

PB Products of Convenience Stores

How often do you go to convenience stores? If you are a student who major in Business Administration at Hanyang University, you may go to CU at least twice a week. Many students visit CU to buy meal boxes, ramen, beverage and snacks. Among lots of products that can be found in convenience stores, there […]