Cafes in Seoul

Cafes make up an important part of Korean culture. It is a perfect place for students, couples, or working people of all ages to relax and enjoy some leisure after a long day. It is also a popular place of choice for a date, group meeting, or for people who are simply looking for a place to sit and talk. Cafes also provide a comfortable and convenient environment where customers can access free and fast Wi-Fi services for unlimited time at no cost.

During my stay in Korea, I’ve visited several noteworthy cafes that are extremely unique in shape and design.


1. Starbucks Familia

Starbucks built Starbucks Familia in celebrating the 15th anniversary of the brand in the country.



Express Bus Terminal Subway Station (고속버스터미널역)

Once you arrive at the station, get out from Line 7’s Exit 4

Walk straight and you should see the Starbucks glass building beside JW Marriott Hotel.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-31-56_39 KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-31-54_84 KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-32-04_11KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-31-48_18 KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-31-49_84 KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-31-51_14


2. Dore Dore Café

I loved this café because of the rainbow and banana cakes! Each cake is given a special name, such as “Good mood cake” etc. The pricing of this café is on the expensive side, but for $15 you can get a gigantic piece of cake and a large cup of coffee.



It’s close to Sinsa Station (신사역) @ 544-4 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, South Korea 135-889

KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-31-57_75 KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-31-59_20 KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-32-00_51 KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-32-01_77


3. Beanbins Coffee

Beanbins is all about the waffles! This café offers delicious waffles that come in a variety of flavours (blueberry, strawberry, etc) with creamy ice-cream. I went later at night and got a seat closer to the window where I could enjoy the night view with my coffee. Waffles are roughly $10-15 each; depending on the size you choose to get.



62-26, Samcheongdong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea

You can get here from Anguk station and get here in about 15 minutes.

KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-48-28_48 KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-48-29_97 KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-20-48-34_77 KakaoTalk_Photo_2014-11-04-21-03-51_17

Note: I recommend taking a stroll down Samcheongdong if you’re a coffee/cafe lover. The street has numerous unique coffee shops lined up alongside one another. Most coffee prices in Korea range from 2500 – 5500 won. If you go to any of the ones I recommended above, then you’ll definitely be paying at least 5000 won for a small/regular sized cup coffee.


Article by Sharon from Canada

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