A Nighttime Picnic to Yeouinaru and Mapo Bridge

Last Wednesday, I went to Yeouinaru (여의나루) for a picnic by the riverside and watch the total eclipse of the moon. I recommend you to visit parks near Han River (한강) such as Ttukseom (뚝섬), Banpo (반포), and Yeouinaru with your friends before the weather gets too cold. Enjoy “Chimaek (Chiken&Beer)” with the breathtaking night time scenery provides rest from the busy Seoul city life. From Wangsimni (왕십리), it’s easy to get to Yeouinaru station (여의나루역) using subway line 5.




The view of Han River from Yeouinaru



“ChiMaek” (Chicken and Beer)

Taking the escalator up to exit 2, you will find yourself with advertisement flyers from various chicken stores in your hand in a matter of seconds. Don’t throw them away. Spread a mat on the ground and order your chicken from one of the flyers you received. Or you can bring other goods to eat there. Luckily, our picnic day was the day of total lunar eclipse. It was the first total eclipse in three years. We watched the moon turn red. The full red moon (when the moon was fully covered by the Earth) was a magnificent sight.


Total Eclipse (Red Moon)


Red Moon

After the eclipse, we took off for a walk in Yeouinaru park. It was peaceful to stroll in the midst of cool wind and to watch people resting on the grass. There were also some street performers in the park so we could enjoy the night view of Han River while listening to their songs. They sang famous songs in their own style that added to the atmosphere of the park.


Performers at Yeouinaru

Then we walked to Mapo Bridge (마포대교). Mapo Bridge was once famous for being a suicide venue. However, after adding some hopeful words and greetings on the railings of the bridge, Mapo Bridge turned into one of the attractions in Seoul. Yeouinaru and Mapo Bridge are within walking distance so don’t miss the bridge when you visit Yeouinaru.


Words at Mapo Bridge (The most painful thing, moment…)


Words at Mapo Bridge (How was your day today?)

Today, I told you about my nighttime picnic at Yeouinaru. With close friends or your lover, visit this place and enjoy your leisure time. Oh, and don’t forget to take your thick jacket!


Article by Wonji from Korea


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