Korean Chicken Recommendation

If there is one animal that Koreans love, it must be chicken. Koreans eat chicken in all kinds of ways. There is spicy 닭도리탕 (Dak-Do-Ri-Tang, middle picture), and delicious 찜닭 (Jjim-Dak, Right picture). However, the most beloved type of chicken must be the Fried Chicken. You can’t say that you have been in Korea without […]

Staying Seated for Lunch? Use Delivery Service for Lunch!

Did you have a lunch today? Where did you go to eat? Cafeteria? Wangsimni? If you are bored to eat same food in cafeteria or annoyed to go somewhere to eat, how about using delivery services? Korea has very good delivery services. It is not every restaurant that has delivery services but there are pretty […]

A Nighttime Picnic to Yeouinaru and Mapo Bridge

Last Wednesday, I went to Yeouinaru (여의나루) for a picnic by the riverside and watch the total eclipse of the moon. I recommend you to visit parks near Han River (한강) such as Ttukseom (뚝섬), Banpo (반포), and Yeouinaru with your friends before the weather gets too cold. Enjoy “Chimaek (Chiken&Beer)” with the breathtaking night time […]