Transportation Systems Close to Hanyang University

This week I’ll cover the different transportation systems near Hanyang University

Main sources of transportation

  • Seoul Subway (Metro)
  • Bus
  • Airport limousine
  • Taxi


T- Money Card

No matter which source of transportation you prefer, make sure to carry a T-Money card with you at all times (Your student ID card also functions as a T-money card). A T-money card can be used on public buses and subways in several different cities and locations. By using the card to pay for your fares, you can get a 100-won discount and reduce the costs of your transfer fares.

You can purchase and recharge your T-money card at any convenience stores (such as GS25, CU, Mini Stop, etc) and at ticket vending machines in the subway stations.


Bus & Subway (Metro)

There are two subway stations closest to Hanyang University – Hanyang University Station and Wangsimni Station (왕십리역). If you are staying at the Student Residence Hall 2, there is only one bus that operates in the area – route 4211 (green).

Bus – route 4211 will stop in front of Hanyang University (the main road with the coffee shops and restaurants), Wangsimni station, and continue south to Apgujung (압구정) and Yeoksam (역삼) subway stations. Once you arrive in Wangsimni station (it stops in front of exit 4), you can also transfer and take other buses to your desired destination. To return to the Hanyang dormitory, go across the street form exit 4.

bus picture

A Seoul Bus

wangsimni station map

Map of Wangsimni Station


You can either take the subway at Hanyang University Station (green line 2) or Wangsimni station, where you can transfer to 3 other subway lines (turquoise, purple, and yellow). I recommend bringing a subway map with you (which you can get at the info booth inside the station or print it online yourself), or download a few useful mobile applications on google/apple store:

  • “Subway” – broong inc
  • “Korea, Seoul Metro Navi”
  • “Seoul Bus”


  • Note: follow the signs inside the station! To return to your original destination, always take the train going the opposite direction (it’s the same idea for buses: you cross the road and go to the other side of the street).


Airport Limousine

There is an airport limousine that will take you to Incheon airport (Bus route number #6010). The limousine bus stop is just across from exit 4 of Wangsimni Station (beside the regular bus stop).



At Wangsimni station, there is a taxi stop in front of Lotteria and Dunkin Donuts. It’s difficult to find taxis on campus, so I would recommend walking to a main road to hail a cab.


Taxis lined up


Article by Sharon from Canada


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