Discount For Hanyang University Students

Hello fellow Hanyang University students. Do you guys know about the discounts you can get just for being a Hanyang University Student? This time I am here to inform you about the Hanyang University discounts for students! From online stores with Apple to TacoBell, there are lots in offer. I hope the information may be of Help and next time possibly save you money! These Three are the ones I want to share with you guys today.


1. Apple on Campus

Apple on Campus is an apple online store exclusive program with participants form universities all around the world. Apple will partner with the student union or the university to offer university students discount programs for both students and the faculty. The participants can get Apple CPU products for Apple On Campus exclusive price. Online stores and mac specialists are there to help you with your purchase via phone (080-330-8877)

Products discount products

  • Macbook
  • Macbook Air
  • Macbook Pro
  • iMac
  • Mac mini and Mac Pro and others



2. Lenovo Online Store

Think Pad Lenovo

Lenovo 15% discount coupon attacks Hanyang University!!!

Coupon code : hanyangONLYoff


How to use the Coupon

 (1) Access the Lenovo store online

(2) Get the products you want

(3) Click on use coupon and fill in the code

(4) The 15% discount coupon is now applied!!


3. Hanyang University Glass Story

Starting form 2012/5/1 we have made an agreement with Glass Story in Wangsimni (located besides Olive Young across the Alumni Association Building).


  • Hanyang University Students, Graduates, Faculty and Families are given these offers
  1. Glasses Frames(Korean and Imported brands) 50-30% discount
  2. The glass lens (Korean and Imported brands) 20% discount
  3. Long-term use contact lenses (6-10monthes) / Hard lens 20% discount
  4. One time use lenses (Acuvue, Bausch) 10% discount (excluding 10 piece products)
  5. Sunglasses (Korean and Imported brands) 30-50% off
  • Extra discounts starting from 2014 May
  1. CopperVision lenses all 9+1 plus 10% off the original price
  2. 2 weeks regular use colour lenses (6 apiece)
  3. 2 weeks regular use invisible lenses (6 apiece) starts from 20000 Won
  4. UV blocking sunglasses starts from 27000(including the discount price) Won


A Hanyang University student ID card is required for the discount.

These are just some of the discounts for Hanyang Univeristy students. There are also other discounts such as Tacobell at Wangsimni station (왕십리역) that gives you 15% discount if you use your Hanyang University ID. I hope these discounts can benefit you all!!!


Article by Yoon from Korea

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