Incheon Festa


Discover Incheon was the tour company we booked with to spend this festival. Basically it was a one-day tour and it ended at a concert – Incheon Festa 2018. First, we met up at Hongdae station and from there we got into a bus which took us to the city of Incheon.

We first went to Shingi market where you can pay certain stands with old copper coins. It gives the experience of trading with old money and the food found is really cheap. For example, in a restaurant the cheapest kimchi pancake I found was 3,880 won whereas there I got a really big one for 1,000won. There are around 150 food stands with a lot of variety so it is really worth the detour from Seoul.

Next we went to the Chinatown in Incheon. This place is mainly occupied by 2nd or 3rd generations of Chinese and there is a lot of restaurants and cafés. You can also enjoy live performances like traditional dancing or singing. There are stairs leading up to this hill surrounded by trees and flowers and it gives you the view on the port – it is pretty nice! You can also find your zodiac Chinese animal on the stairs.

Fanny 5-1Fanny 5-2Right next to the Chinatown, there is Songwol-dong: Incheon Fairy Tale Village. The place is made for cartoon, anime or Disney lovers. They have many shops selling your favourite characters or arts in the streets! They even have a café called “café d’Oz” which has One Piece merchandise inside and a café on the second floor. That café serve pasta shaped like ice cream and I totally recommend trying it. It was actually a stagnant village so they renovate it with the paintings decorating classic fairy tales everywhere to improve development and attract people.

Fanny 5-3For the concert, we arrived earlier to get our tickets. Also, it was outside and they were arranging the seats just right before it started so it got delayed a bit. That meant my friends and I were freezing at that point because we arrived at 4:30 and the concert didn’t start before 7:15.  We actually bought blankets and warm coffee just to get a bit warmer. It was around 5 degrees Celsius outside. When the concert started, a woman announcer was in charge of the introduction and presenting the groups and such. As soon as first group started performing, people got a hold of their chairs and basically ran towards the edge of the fence separating us from the stage. It was insane! As soon as we noticed people moving, we followed by grabbing our chairs and running too. However, we got all mixed up and some of us got separated and some Koreans even lost their seats as they were gone to get food or to the bathroom. That bit was a bit disorganized and security was a bit loose. But we still got to be closer to the stage so it was all right. The line-up of the concert was: CLC, Voisper, Astro, Minseo,Apink, iKon and JBJ. The performances were on point and the crowd was cheering and screaming the fan chants while waving their light sticks. It was really cool to actually see what happens in a concert here. I love iKon, so I really cheered and screamed at their set! I definitely suggest going to a festival or a Kpop concert – the atmosphere is different. It is definitely worth it!Fanny 5-4

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