Introducing Celebrities coming to Hanyang Festival

Gayoung (Alice)

Starting on the 23rd, Hanyang University (Seoul Campus) is having an official school festival. It is called ‘Rachios, Bisang,’ and the festival is held until the 25th. This time, there are many celebrities coming to our school to congratulate our festival. Today, I would like to introduce the celebrities coming to our festival to help you enjoy the celebrities’ shows better. I will also attach the youtube links so that you can listen to their songs.

홍가영 7-1.jpeg

^Festival Poster (Photo from ‘한양대학교 총학생회’ facebook page)

-Day 1 (5/23)

1) 10cm

10cm is an acoustic indi band. If you think of a band, you would imagine a group of people. However, 10cm is a solo band. The ‘only’ member is Kwon Jeong Yeol. He is mostly loved by his handsome face and good voice by many people. His songs are sweet, so women like his songs a lot. His representative songs are ‘봄이 좋냐? (What the Spring?)’ ‘폰서트 (Phone-cert)’.

>봄이 좋냐? (What the Spring?):

>폰서트 (Phone-cert):

2) Yoon Ha (윤하)

Yoon Ha is a female solo singer. She is known for her vocal skills. Her voice is very clear and cool, so if you listen to her songs when you are stressed out, you can relax yourself. Her songs are also very energetic so I think that the festival would be energetic by her appearance. Her representative songs are ‘혜성 (Comet)’, ‘비밀번호 486 (Password 486)’.

>혜성 (Comet):

>비밀번호 486 (Password 486):

3) Yunn Ddan Ddan (윤딴딴)

Yun Ddan Ddan is a male solo singer-song-writer. He sings with his guitar and his voice is very sweet. His songs are mostly quiet but many people like his songs because of the melody and the collaboration of his voice and the guitar sound. His representative songs are ‘니가 보고싶은 밤 (The night I miss you)’ ‘겨울을 걷는다 (Walking through winter)’

>니가 보고싶은 밤 (The night I miss you):

>겨울을 걷는다 (Walking through winter):


-Day 2 (5/24)

1) BLACKPINK (블랙핑크)

BLACKPINK is a group of four female singers. The members are Jisu, Jenny, Rose, and Lisa. They are well known for their talents. They are good at singing, rapping, and even their performance abilities are praised by many people. Because of this, they became famous although they debuted only a few years ago. Their representative songs are ‘불장난 (Playing with Fire) ‘마지막처럼 (As if it’s your last)’ ‘휘파람 (Whistle).’ Make sure to go early this day to the festival area. I expect many people coming even from other schools. They are very famous!

>불장난 (Playing with Fire):

>마지막처럼 (As if it’s your last):

>휘파람 (Whistle):


DPR LIVE is a male rapper. He is one of the super rookies of the Korean hip-hop scene. He got famous by a song called ‘EUNG FREESTYLE’ because he participated in this song with many famous rappers. His representative song is ‘Martini Blue.’

>Martini Blue:



1) Melomance (멜로망스)

Melomance is a sentimental duo. The members are Jeong Dong Whan who plays the piano and Kim Min Seok who is in charge of vocal. Melomance is a collaboration of two words, ‘Melo’ and ‘Romance.’ Their songs are popular among many people and it is mostly ranked on the top side of the music chart. Their representative songs are ‘선물 (Gift)’

>선물 (Gift):

2) Min Kyung Hun (민경훈)

Min Kyung Hun is a vocalist from band ‘Buzz.’ His vocal skills are well known by people and he is also known for his handsome face. He is gaining popularity by showing up in many TV entertain shows. His representative song is ‘가시 (Thorn)’

>가시 (Thorn):

3) The Cross

The cross is a group of two male. The members have changed a couple of times and now the members are Captin Seeha and Kim Hyuk Geon. They are known for their ability to sing high key songs. Their representative song is ‘Don’t Cry.’

>Don’t Cry:

4) 디에이드 (The ADE)

The ADE is a pair band of one male and one female. The members are Ahn Daeun and Woodie Kim. They were originally known as ‘Acoustic Collabo,’ but they changed their group name after changing their management company. Their representative song is ‘묘해, 너와 (It’s strange with you)’

>묘해, 너와 (It’s strange with you):


By reviewing the celebrities coming to the festival at hand, I believe you would be able to enjoy the festival more!

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