Lit Hip Hop Concert


Fanny 4-1

Last Saturday, I had the chance to attend the Lit Hip Hop concert. This wouldn’t have been able without my friend who is fluent in Korean and bought the tickets for our group. So quick tip: if you want to attend or buy tickets for a concert here in Seoul, find yourself someone either Korean or someone whom speaks Korean really well, it will really help!

The show started at 6 pm at Jangchung arena. The show started right on time and there were these 2 artists that performed first before the main acts of the night. The first one, Ultima, arranged covers of songs with his live rap. I really recommend to go and listen to his cover version of “Beautiful” by Crush. You can find him on Soundcloud under his name Ultima with the location of Seoul, South Korea.

The second one, Eden, was a producer that recently decided to sing his songs. He was a bit nervous, we could tell, but his voice and music was really interesting, very smooth with a mellow R&B vibe. I really liked and recommend the song “93”.

Before the main act, we had a duo of a beat boxing professional with DJIT. The girl beatboxing was insane and unfortunately I cannot remember her name. DJIT was good if you like hardcore EDM and feeling like your ears are bleeding. It was bit much but maybe it would be better in a rave than at a concert. Unfortunately for him, it seemed like instead of hyping the crowd for the main act, it kind of killed the mood.


I knew of Bewhy but didn’t listen to many of his songs. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was! He hyped the crowd with his raps and was interacting a lot with the crowd. He performed his most well known songs “the time goes on”,  “Gucci bank” “Puzzle” and more. I recommend listening to “Puzzle” featuring CJamm.


Another artist I knew of but didn’t listen to him much. He did a medley of his collaborations, rapping his part and hyping the crowd. I would say he was more “chill” than Bewhy, whom was dancing a bit awkwardly and moving, while he was walking around the stage. Although his songs had a really good beat and bass it was good without being insanely good.


Crush was the one I anticipated most along with Zico and he did not disappoint. His presence on stage, his melting voice and just his overall charisma and banter with fans exceeded my expectations. He sang A cappella his hit song “Beautiful” from the drama Goblin and I was blessed. He really is talented. I recommend listening to “Beautiful”, “You & I” and “Oasis”.

 Fanny 4-2


Zico was the climax of this night. He entered the stage with Crush and together they performed their song featuring Dean “Bermuda Triangle”.  He followed up with his recent Artist and Anti. His performance was on another level and he hyped up the crowd who at this point were jumping with him in the standing area. He performed a few songs accompanied by Crush and did his popular collaboration with Mino from Winner “Okey Dokey” which was the best part of the night. I recommend all songs mentioned.

Fanny 4-3

Overall, the concert was really enjoyable. Although, one thing surprising to me was the people in the seats actually staying seated the whole time with little energy during the concert.

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