The Korean university festival (by Jonghyuk)

The Korean university festival

Most of the universities in Korea have their own festivals. Most of them are held during the spring semester, but there are some schools that have another festival in the fall. In this article, I am going to talk only about the Korean universities’ festivals. Also, I will also cover the Yonsei and Korea regular series, a university festival that has a unique characteristic and is one of the most famous festivals in Korea.

First, I will introduce Hongik university’s festival, which is a very famous university. The place near the university is famous for and usually associated with parties, clubs, and adult entertainment.


The mood of the entertainment that surrounds the university influences the atmosphere of the university’s festival. In the center of the university there are lots of street vendors where people can enjoy alcoholic beverages, such as soju, beer, and cocktails, along with snacks.



Due to the alcohol drinking atmosphere in Hongdae, Hongik university is the easiest place for the street vendors to distribute and sell alcohol. However, the street vendors are not the only exciting part of the festival. Many famous musicians come to the university festival to perform. The biggest problem is that the performance is only accessible to the students in the university.


People who want to see the stage should watch the performance from a distance. Also, because all of the people that go to this festival, the lines for the street vendors can be long. So, to enjoy the festival fully you must arrive at the festival a bit early and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Second, another festival I want to recommend is the festival that is held in the Konkook university. The overall format of the festival is similar to Hongik university, but there are some advantages when compared with Hongik’s festival.


Fist, the size of the university is much bigger. Because of the size, there are plenty of street vendors for people to enjoy and less waiting. Also, the advantage that comes from the flat campus makes the space utilization more efficient. With more vendors and a wider campus, people can enjoy the festival more pleasantly.


Another advantage is that the performance of the invited singers is not limited to the students in Konkook. The wide stage can accommodate people from other universities. If the theme of Hongik’s festival was similar to the dance club, then Konkook’s theme is quieter.


Every year during the festival the lake is opened for kayaking. People could kayak the lake and feel the peaceful campus. The festival of Konkook has a more pleasant atmosphere.



Finally, the most place I want to recommend is the Yonsei and Korea regular series, which looks exactly like the picture above. Different from other spring festivals that are held by different universities, this annual game is held in fall. This series contains 5 games including baseball, basketball, ice hockey, rugby, and soccer.종혁8


Most of the games were recently won by Korea university, but the heat of the game never seems to cool down. The most favorite game that people like is the basketball and the soccer game. The biggest difference between the other festivals of the other schools is that famous singers are not the main of the festival. The biggest entertainment of the festival is the student as a protagonist of the festival. As the two most desired universities compete in sports, the media gives great interest in this festival. As many people get interested in the rivalry of the two top universities, more and more people dream to go to one of the two universities. (Pic9)종혁9











Article by Jonghyuk Lee, a sophomore at Hanyang Business School

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