Spring Feature: Hongdae Dating-Courses

Are you fully enjoying this beautiful weather these days? If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend in Korea, how about visiting Hongdae this weekend and enjoy distinctive dates? I introduce you the top 5 date-courses in Hongdae today. I couldn’t experience the 5 courses by myself (because I have no boyfriend now :-/), so I searched some information from the Internet and the mobile app ‘Seoul Date Pop’. I want you guys to visit them before me and write some comments below.

1. KT&G Sangsangmadang → Chingunaejipbinnal (KT&G 상상마당 → 친구네집빈날)

Estimated costs: KRW 45.000

The first image of Hongdae is ‘a mecca for the young’, and ‘a place for culture’. KT&G Sangsangmadang reflects this image well. It’s a multi-cultural place where you can enjoy movies, concerts, exhibitions, and so on. After watching a movie, visit a sedentary cocktail bar Chingunaejipbinnal and enjoy its cozy atmosphere. Cross the street at Sangsangmadamg and turn left. You can easily find it. You can take off your shoes and enjoy various kinds of cocktails and liquor. Chingunaejipbinnal will make you feel like being home. Plus, you can experience Korean sedentary culture too.

KT&G Sangsangmadang

KT&G Sangsangmadang



Enjoy great cocktails in a cozy atmosphere!

Enjoy great cocktails in a cozy atmosphere!

2. Pastagraphy → Object → aA Design Museum

Estimated costs: KRW 51.000

Hongdae is a trendy place, so you can meet lots of unique design there. Here is a date course with the concept of design. For lunch, visit Pastagraphy and enjoy delicious pasta, pizza, and sensuous illustrations in the restaurant. This place was once introduced in a TV show for its tasty food. So I’m sure that this place will please your eyes and mouth. Next, go to a shop for props and ornaments named ‘Object’. This place is full of cute indoor tools like chairs, plates, lamps, and some accessories. You can buy them for reasonable prices. For dessert, how about visiting a unique café ‘aA Design Museum’? All the exotic interior props here are collected by the owner of this café, so they are more meaningful. If your boyfriend of girlfriend likes peculiar stuffs or atmosphere, I recommend this date course.

Pastagraphy from the outside

Pastagraphy from the outside

Pastagraphy from the inside

Pastagraphy from the inside

The most delicious pasta in that area.

The most delicious pasta around

The 'Object' shop

The ‘Object’ shop

Fish for good bargains!

Fish for good bargains!

The 'aA Design' looks awesome from the outside...

The ‘aA Design’ looks awesome from the outside…

... AND inside!

… AND inside!

3. Fukuoka Hamburg → Paperobean → SUAVE

Estimated costs: KRW 60.000

If you love real handmade things, or Korean ‘Sonmat’, this course will be best for you. ‘Fukuoka Hamburg’ is a famous restaurant specialized in hamburger steak. It uses only prime Korean beef. You can pick a piece of chopped meat on your plate and roast it on a hot grill as you like. After that, visit the paper crafts shop ‘Paperobean’. You can do origami or paper crafts with your lover and make your own work. When you are tired concentrating on paper crafts, move to ‘SUAVE’ where you can taste handmade caramels and macaroons. It’s a small, cute store but full of yummy desserts that your girlfriend may love.

Grill your own meat in 'Fukuoka'...

Grill your own meat in ‘Fukuoka’…

... and create a tasty dish on your own.

… and create a tasty dish on your own.

The paper crafts shop 'Paperobean'

The paper crafts shop ‘Paperobean’

Paper crafts in 'Paperobean'

Paper crafts in ‘Paperobean’

'SUAVE' offers handmade caramels and macaroons

‘SUAVE’ offers handmade caramels and macaroons

4. Vert et Vlanc → Banjimaeul (which means ring village)

Estimated costs: KRW 203.500

Have a fragrant lunch at the flower theme brunch café ‘Vert et Vlanc’. Its interior includes flowers everywhere so it makes you relaxed and comfortable. You can enjoy brunch, dinner, wine, and dessert there. You can also attend flower and gardening lessons on the B1 floor.

‘Banjimaeul’ is a place where you can experience making rings by yourselves. You can make your own silver couple rings with initials on them. The price is pretty reasonable compared to other couple rings. Plus, you can create precious memories with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

The flower theme-café 'Vert et Vlanc'

The flower theme-café ‘Vert et Vlanc’

The flower theme-café 'Vert et Vlanc'

‘Vert et Vlanc’ also offers brunch!

Buy your couple rings at 'Banjimaeul'...

Buy your couple rings at ‘Banjimaeul’…

... and customize them by adding your names! :)

… and customize them by adding your names! :)

5. Chicken Nalda → Himnaeradanpatjuk (which means cheer up sweet red bean porridge) → Street live

Estimated costs: KRW 36.000

In this course, you can fully enjoy upcoming summer in Korea. ‘Chicken Nalda’ is a restaurant specialized in hot grilled chicken named ‘Cheolpan Buldark’. In Korean culture, there’s a saying ‘Fight fire with fire’. It means we can beat the heat of summer by eating really hot and spicy food. I think this restaurant perfectly fits into this culture. Can’t you eat spicy food well? Don’t worry. After eating there, visit ‘Himnaeradanpatjuk’. Patbingsu (red bean sherbet) with homemade adzuki in it and red bean tiramisu cake will make your tongue and stomach comfortable. When you are full, just stroll the Hongdae street and enjoy the street live concerts for free.

Chicken Nalda from the outside

‘Chicken Nalda’ from the outside

Enjoy delicious grilled, fried or baked chicken!

The restaurant in famous for its hot grilled chicken named ‘Cheolpan Buldark’

Try red bean dishes at 'Himnaeradanpatjuk’

Try red bean dishes at ‘Himnaeradanpatjuk’

For example, their red been tiramisu

For example, their red been tiramisu

You can easily find street concerts in Hongdae

You can easily find street concerts in Hongdae

By Wonji


  1. Hi, do u have any more information regarding the shop that I can make my own silver ring

  2. Ring making cafe(반지 만들기 카페) in Hyehwa, Hongdae, Geondae(Seoul), and Anyang(Gyeaonggi)
    Ring School(반지학교) in Haundae(Busan), Haehwa, Hongdae, and Geondae(Seoul)
    Ring Playground(반지놀이터) in Yeongdeongpo(Seoul)

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