Anniversaries on May

Park Chae-eun Hello. Let me introduce the anniversaries of May. May is Family Month, so there are many family-related anniversaries. There are so many holidays that it is a good month to see your family far away. Traditionally, our country has a Confucian culture, so filial piety has been valued. There is also a Buddhist […]

Korean Movie Snacks

Mingi Woo Have you ever visited a cinema in Korea? Well, there is one unique feature of Korean cinemas – their movie snacks. Today, I will quickly introduce you to some special Korean movie snacks that you might find interesting. Popcorn is the staple of all movie snacks. However, popcorn is done a little differently […]

Daegu Trip Part 2

Pratibha Hellooo!!!! Did you guys like the last part? Let’s continue the journey guys 👏 So, after having a heartful meal, the next location was the Skypark building. Here, the top floor/ rooftop of the building was a mini amusement park. They had a few nice rides however most of them were for kids. They […]

Seoul of the Festival

Park chae eun As spring begins, the “Seoul Festivals” will also open, offering many things to enjoy, such as traditional cultural experiences, night views of the Han River, food, fireworks festivals, jazz, and K-pop, waiting for the citizens of Seoul. In particular, the tourism industry has slowed down due to COVID-19, but this year is […]

Holi {Indian Festival}

Pratibha Hey, how you all doin’? I know I was doing that Daegu trip series. BUT BUT BUT….. I gotta interrupt that cuz this is actually what I wanted to start the semester with 😢. So, what is this thing that is so important? Well, on the 8th of march, it was India’s national festival […]

Lotte World Ice Rink

Mingi Woo Hello, it’s been a while since my latest upload. We bloggers took a short break at the start of the semester. Since then, we have gotten new members, and I am delighted to see what content they will bring in the future. For this week’s blog post, I wanted to share a place […]

Korean Rest Stops Snacks (휴게소)

Mingi Woo Korean Rest Stops Snacks (휴게소) While you are exploring/traveling long distances in Korea, the one place you cannot forget to visit during your trip is the rest stops(휴게소) or rest area. The rest stops in Korea provide a unique travel experience on their own. In this post, I will tell you a little […]

Korean Internet Café (피시방:PC Bang)

Mingi Woo Video games are undoubtedly one of the most booming entertainment industries. This is no exception for Korea as well. Video games, in general, have engraved themselves in Korean Culture causing Korea to become one of the largest Esports scenes. So, how has Korea become the powerhouse of esports we know today? Well, one […]