Places to get Lunch at Hanyang University

Mingi Woo

Hello, if you are wondering where to get your own food, a simple link here will answer all your questions. ( ) This link provides the locations and daily menus of all the catering services within our campus. It also includes photos of the menus, which makes it easier to decide on what to choose. Since there are total of 6 different catering/cafeteria and 4 excluding dormitory catering, I would like to list my personal favorites from top 3.

Number 1: 생활과학관 식당 (College of Human Ecology Catering Hall), located on the 7th floor of building 401

  • The Human Ecology building is situated beside HIT (building 701) and the Paiknam Library (building 501). I, personally, along with many others, find it to be the best option out of the four. The reason for this is because the College of Human Ecology Catering Hall is catered towards faculty, resulting in significantly better quality and taste. However, it is slightly more expensive than the other options, with lunch and dinner costing 5,500 won each, which is still reasonable for a single meal. Even though it’s a faculty catering hall, students are more than welcome to eat there. Each day, there are two different menus to choose from.

Number 2: 행원파크 (Haengwon Park), located in front of the business building below the large circular park (building 707 B1)

  • This is the best option for business major students looking for the nearest spot to eat. Haengwon Park has three menu options: one for faculty and two for students. The faculty option is at par with College of Human Ecology in terms of taste and quantity, but costs 5,900 won. As a result, most students choose the two student options, which range in price from 4,900 to 4,200 won. The quantity is a bit lacking, and the taste varies depending on the menu, but it makes up for it in price and location.

Number 3: 학생식당 (Student Cafeteria/Hanyang Plaza), located on the 3rd floor of building 105

  • This cafeteria is mainly catered towards students. Like Haengwon Park, there are two student menus to choose from. Additionally, between 2:00 PM and 2:30 PM, you can order ramen for a quick meal. In terms of quantity, it’s slightly more than Haengwon Park and cheaper, with a lunch costing between 3,900 and 3,600 won. The main reason why Student Cafeteria is ranked lower in this list is due to its location, which may be slightly inconvenient for business students. However, for other students, this might be the better option.

Check out the link at the top and try each catering facility for yourself!

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