Korean Bullet Train KTX: A quick and easy way to travel

Mingi Woo

If you are an exchange student or a full-time student at Hanyang University, you might have used the subway system here in Seoul. In my opinion, the Korean subway system is one of the easiest and simplest methods of transportation here in Korea. What if I told you that there is a rail system in Korea that allows you to travel quickly nationwide?

Introducing KTX, a high-speed rail system that connects key cities in Korea. It is the fastest way to travel around Korea while being comfortable as well. The train has a top speed of 300 km/h and is considered one of the fastest trains in the world. This is because the core system is based on the GEC-Aksthom, one of the builders of France’s TGV trains!

The KTX has five main operating lines. They are the Gyeongbu Line, Honam Line, Gyeongjeaon Line, Jeolla Line, and Gyeonggang Line.  In total, it covers more than 1000 km of distance. Out of the five main operating lines, the Gyeongbu Line is the busiest since it connects Seoul, the capital city, and Busan, the second-largest city in Korea. The Honam Line connects Seoul and Gwangju, while the Jeolla Line connects Iksan and Mokpo, and the Gyeongjeon Line connects Masan and Busan.

One of the benefits of taking the KTX train is its efficiency. Trains leave every 20 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes during off-peak hours. The timetables are consistent, and the trains are rarely delayed. Furthermore, the KTX train provides reserved seating, which means you can reserve your seat ahead of time and avoid the inconvenience of standing in huge queues to buy tickets. Additionally, fares are cheaper if you book your tickets ahead of time.

The comfort of the KTX train is another benefit. The trains include large, comfy seats with lots of legroom and power outlets for charging your electronics. The trains also feature clean and well-maintained restrooms, and some even include free Wi-Fi, allowing you to stay connected while traveling. If you are using your mobile internet on the train, you don’t need to worry about losing connections in the countryside since Korea’s 4G internet is well-developed even in the countryside!

The price of these tickets varies on weekdays and weekends. A single-fare ticket costs around 59,800 won (around 45 USD). This might be a little bit more pricey than your other train tickets like ITX or Mugunghwa-Ho, but considering the fact that it only takes two hours, it’s definitely worth the price.

In conclusion, KTX is one of the most effective means of travel in Korea. It is cheaper and faster than traveling on the airways with long waiting times. Additionally, KTX provides breathtaking views of the Korean countryside. The trains go over mountains, rivers, and picturesque landscapes, giving passengers an amazing experience. That is why I highly recommend trying it for yourself.

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