Cooling Down Snacks!

Rowie Eka

Hellloooooo All! I’m back!! You can agree that it is getting hotter and hotter these days! Even it has been 3 days that I’m only wearing a layer of thin clothes and a layer of pants. Even though it is pretty refreshing because the fussy feeling of having to wear multiple layers is gone. And I know that we still haven’t been able to let go of spring, especially the cherry blossoms.

Therefore, I wanna recommend you a cold snack that is a hidden gem for international students to enjoy the remaining spring. The store’s name is “Dding Ddong Waffle” ( 띵똥와플 )

The location is really close to the Wangsimni Station and located beside of the CU ( convenient store )

This place offers self-service orders through the machine, so if you are an introverted person or anxious about your Korean speaking skill, you can just order without speaking to anyone. And also, one of the best parts is that on the menu itself, they have a picture of the food, so you have an image in your mind about how would the food going to be later on.

Moreover, the food itself is amazingly good. Personally, I ate this a lot during the summer and fall last year because the size of the waffles here is huge, it is also considered cheap. The one in the picture is around 3k won but if you want the simpler menu like Waffle with yogurt ice cream with choco sauce which is my favorite, it will be only around 2,900 won. So it is super worth it!!! GO TRY IT NOW & Let me know if you have tried it !!
See You in the next article!!!

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