Daegu Trip Part 2



How is the new semester going on for everyone???

Want a break?? Let me take you on a journey to Daegu…

So, if you have read my last blog about the backstory of how I ended up going to Daegu, then let’s start the day-1 of my journey. However, if not, then take a moment and go check out my last post😉.

So, we started from Seoul station on our private luxury bus around 11 am. The bus had quite spacious seats. The journey was comfortable, and the songs were playing on the mini-TV at the front the whole journey. Worth mentioning, the driver was very considerate of everyone’s sleep as he turned the music down as noticed people taking naps. After around 2 hours, we stopped at a rest area where everyone can finally have some snack or even a meal if they want. There was pretty much everything available. We got like a 15-minute break. I had one cheese corndog. It was good. Then we resumed the journey.

Finally, we entered Daegu.

The first thing we did in Daegu was to watch a basketball game!!!!!!

The basketball match was just wonderful. The game was so nerve-wracking, we were all jumping and shouting for the team we were rooting for. It was my first time watching a basketball match live, but I am down to go again. The commentators, the mascot, and the cheerleaders all were so sweet and funny at the same time. Even a team of young girls did cheerlead flawlessly. It was mesmerizing. At the end of the match, we even had a picture with the cheerleaders.

After the match, everyone was pretty much hungry. So, they took us to a restaurant where they already booked a whole big room for us. However, later, I discovered that the dinner menu had beef and I am vegetarian…… [If you have read my last blog then must have remembered the point where I told you to keep that in mind. This is the moment I was talking about]

So, I told them about me being a vegetarian but apparently, it was my mistake. In the google form, they asked about dietary restrictions, but I did not pay attention to that otherwise they would have chosen something else for everyone. Everyone there was so supportive, the mates there even suggested that if the company did not provide any alternative, they will join me at a place where I can eat. Anyways, the company took me to the nearest possible place where I can eat something. So, we chose A twosome place, and I ordered a sandwich and drink there. To be honest, I enjoyed that more than a normal menu.

After all that hassle, my tummy was finally full. I was happy and enjoying my trip.

I think that’s it for this blog. I’ll continue in the next blog. There’s a long way to go……

Bye 👋……..

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