New World Created by Chat GPT

Park Chae-eun

Chat GPT, a recently released artificial intelligence robot specializing in conversation, is attracting attention from around the world.

The device is designed to answer questions from users and was developed by the company ‘openAI’. Chat is initial for chatting and GPT is first letter of generated pre-trained transformer.

There are reasons why chat GPT has attracted the attention of people around the world. This is because it is different from previous artificial intelligence/conversation robots. So, what makes chat GPT special?

1. Functions and roles of chat GPT

Chat GPT works as a conversation method that answers questions when asked in the chat window. It should be noted that the more questions asked by users, the more accurate the answer becomes. This is due to its reinforcement learning algorithm.

In addition to answering questions, it is possible to perform tasks in a wide range of fields such as writing poetry, translating, composing songs, coding, reading books, etc. It is said that the level of writing poetry exceeds college students.

For instance, Baskin Robbins ice cream company announced that it will release an advertising video using Chat GPT. It is also said that marketing will be performed using GPT.

2. Concerns

However, such an innovative technology has concerns.

Since it is learned through conversation, it can learn inappropriate information when the user chat false information. Security concerns are also serious. As an example, an employee of a Samsung company tried to solve a semiconductor program error using Chat GPT. This aroused a leak of corporate secrets. Several companies have restricted access to Chat GPT.
Italy also blocked Chat GPT for the protection of people’s personal information.

3. What to do to? How do we deal with this double-edged sword that is innovative but also creates concerns? We should take Chat GPT’s answer critically rather than trusting it unconditionally. Even when doing your university assignments, you should do it on your own rather than through Chat GPT. We also need to think about what roles we can play in the new age where AIs are replacing human roles.

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