Holi {Indian Festival}


Hey, how you all doin’?

I know I was doing that Daegu trip series.

BUT BUT BUT….. I gotta interrupt that cuz this is actually what I wanted to start the semester with 😢.

So, what is this thing that is so important?

Well, on the 8th of march, it was India’s national festival called “HOLI”. It is the festival of colours. We usually have organic colours and water and we just play with the water and colour each other. We make different tasty dishes at home and bring sweets. This festival is just one of my favourite festivals.

UNFORTUNATELY 😢……, I could not play it here. The first reason was that I did not have the colours. Second, I don’t have any place I could play it with my friends. So, I was sad 😔. Then, my friend made Indian food and dessert for me to make me happy. I was really touched and the food was mind-blowing. It tastes exactly like Mom’s food. She made “Gajar ka Halwa” which is a dessert made of carrots, milk, and sugar. It takes a long time to make but the wait was worth it.

Not just this, but for lunch, she also made a cabbage potato dish with chapati. Imagine getting a whole meal which tastes totally like home….Best feeling right???!!!

It was not the end, in the meantime, she also had some Indian ethnic wear. She suggested wearing one and going out and getting some pictures at least. I liked the idea so I chose to wear a “Saree”. It was my first time wearing this too. However, it turned out to be really pretty 😍. {TMI: I took the pictures in front of the business building.}

The day didn’t end with us both enjoying our time out and also getting attention from everyone around us. She also prepared dinner. For dinner, she made my favourite Indian dish named “Chole Bhature”. It’s a vegetable of chickpea and I don’t know how to explain bhature, it’s a variation of chapati but made of all-purpose flour instead of wheat flour and also it is deep fried in oil. I just love this dish sooooo muchhhhh. I can’t describe the amount of happiness I felt that time and on top of that, she just nailed that food. She is the greatest chef I came across. I never gonna get homesick as long she is with me.

Well, I enjoyed my day maybe not playing as usual but at least eating homemade food and trying Indian clothes. So, in my opinion, my day was well spent. I would like to recommend all of you to try this festival and all these dishes I mentioned and especially the clothing.

That’s it for this blog. See you all in part 2 of the Daegu trip 😉.

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