Generational conflict in the workplace and SK Innovation’s ‘Generation Empathy Clan’

Yugyeong Jeong

SK Innovation officially disbanded the ‘Generation Empathy Clan’, which was organized to form generational empathy among members of the Ulsan Complex (Ulsan CLX). The ‘Generation Empathy Clan’ was made up of 27 representatives of members who voluntarily decided to resolve the generational conflict in the workplace and change the organization and culture. The first step of the ‘Happiness Council’, a regular consultative organization launched by SK Innovation’s labor and management last year, was ‘Generational Empathy’. In particular, Ulsan CLX has a wide range of ages, from the first year of joining to the employees who are about to retire, and because various age groups work together due to the four-group three-shift system, it is easy to be exposed to generational conflicts. Accordingly, the labor and management held a biweekly workshop from July of last year to discuss the cause of the generational conflict and how to resolve it, and made an improvement plan. Starting with the challenge of being a happiness council where members can directly participate and create happiness, SK Innovation said that it will bring a new culture to the new SK innovation through the Generation Empathy Clan.

In the labor force trend, the median age peaked at 40.5 in 1960 and decreased to 34.8 by 1982. Although the aging seems to have declined, a lot of young workers have participated in the meantime. It is also predicted that by 2008, one in six workers will be over 55 years of age. This pattern means that unions and employers will face an aging workforce and rising pension costs. Therefore, workers and employers will have to work to resolve the generational conflict that is likely to increase in the future, and SK Innovation’s ‘Generation Empathy Clan’ has a great meaning in this regard.

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