Summer health care

Yugyeong Jeong In the summer, the days of strong ultraviolet rays are repeated, and the stamina decreases. In addition, it is important to take care of health in the summer when the heat continues because immunity is lowered. Food poisoning is a disease that is highly likely to occur in summer due to reduced […]

What are the reasons for July Covid 4th Pandemic?

Jiyeon Choi Recently confirmed cases for Covid have massively increased and the government has admitted that this is the beginning stage of the 4th pandemic. The number of daily confirmed cases for the time being is expected to maintain around 1000. Many institutions and organizations are analyzing and looking for the main reasons for the […]

September Mock exam for SAT, becoming a ticket for vaccine.

Jiyeon Choi Recently on online, posts about people who are not candidates for SAT signing up for mock exam are becoming an issue since actual examinees can be badly affected through the variable number of applicants. As Korean SAT assesses students on a relative scale, the number of candidate is an essential element of the […]

Short form content – way to be simple and clear

Lee Sooyeon              I am sure most of you have heard about ‘Tiktok’ and ‘Reels’ on Instagram. Those are examples of short form contents, which are commonly used these days in the marketing world. To help you determine your content length, you first need to know a clear definition of what constitutes short-form content and […]

UK to completely lift quarantine measures, including mandatory masks, starting on the 19th

Minjun Son 2021. 7. 20. Image source : NEWSIS BBC reported on the 4th that the British government is expected to lift restrictions related to lockdown, including the mandatory wearing of masks in public places from the 19th while the momentum of the COVID-19 delta mutation continues. The British government was planning to apply these […]

Sponsors even ignore Tokyo Olympics…Noticing absence from opening ceremonies one after another

Minjun Son 2021. 7. 20. Image source: AP Yonhap news Japanese media reported that companies sponsoring the Tokyo Olympics are refusing to attend the opening ceremony. Sponsoring companies are not classified as general spectators, so they can attend the opening cere`mony, but they are reluctant to attend in consideration of their corporate image. According to […]

‘Waste-Free World’ and change of companies

Yugyeong Jeong Coca-ColaAccording to the BBC, beverage company Coca-Cola is collaborating with Danish paper container developer Paboco to launch a prototype of Adez, a fruit soda in a paper bottle this summer. The prototype is made of super-strong paper shells, and is designed to be 100% recyclable, composed of bio-based materials that are resistant to […]

Toughest social distancing in capital area

Yugyeong Jeong The level 4 social distancing in the capital area started on the 12th. As the corona virus re-emerges in the capital area, the government has made a decision to contain the spread. The criteria for level transition for social distancing are as follows. When the population exceeds 100,000, the weekly average number […]